23 Best Window Treatment Ideas For Any Space

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With the right window treatments, you can instantly transform a space. But where should you start?

Browsing window treatment ideas for the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen or any other corner of your home can be overwhelming — after all, there are countless ways to dress up your windows.

So, we’ve done the heavy lifting and compiled the 23 best window treatment ideas for any space. Peruse, enjoy and get inspired to try these window treatment ideas in your home! 

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use kwik-hang no drill curtain rod brackets to hang any of your window treatment ideas

Classic Window Treatment Ideas

Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Functional Window Treatment Ideas

Tips for Choosing Window Treatments

Not sure how to narrow down your options for window treatments? Consider the following as you choose the right curtains, drapes or shades for your room or home.


Think about function — what role will window treatments play in the room? Practical considerations like privacy level and light filtering are critical in determining the type of curtains, drapes or shades you’ll need. 

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Choose easy-care fabrics like cotton or polyester for high-trafficked areas, such as a family room or kitchen. 

Avoid using delicate, high-maintenance fabrics like silk or velvet in kids’ rooms, kitchens or on patio doors. These locations are more susceptible to irritants like smoke, steam, dust, and wear and tear. 

More tips: The Best Curtain Fabrics For Your Home


Curtains come in several styles. Popular variations include pleated, eyelet, rod-pocket, grommet and tab-top. Different pleats, pockets or loops affect how the curtains hang on the rod or cascade over your windows. 

For more info, check out our Guide to the Different Types of Curtains. 

Last but not least, be thoughtful about picking the best colors for your window treatments. 

Curtains, drapes and shades take up a significant amount of space and are often a focal point in a room, so pick colors that match with your furniture or paint and are cohesive with your textiles and home decor. 

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Bring Your Window Treatment Ideas to Life

Choosing window treatments for your home is exhausting enough, so don’t waste any more time when it comes to hanging your curtains. 

Bring all your window treatment ideas to life with Kwik-Hang’s easy-install, damage-free curtain rod brackets. Just align the brackets to your window frame, tap them in with a hammer and hang curtains and drapes instantly — no leveling or drilling needed. Install perfect curtains every time without having to measure! 

kwik hang curtain rod brackets

Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets are ridiculously easy to install and remove, so feel free to swap out your window treatments or play around with different looks. The brackets hold up to 20 pounds, so they’re safe for households with kids and pets, and can support everything from sheer voile fabrics to heavy velvet draperies.

use kwik-hang no drill curtain rod brackets to hang any of your window treatment ideas
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