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The Top 6 Dining Room Curtain Ideas for Your Home

The Top 6 Dining Room Curtain Ideas for Your Home

With large gatherings on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve probably ignored your dining room curtains for some time. But the hope of reuniting with loved ones soon may be motivating you to seek out dining room curtain ideas to redecorate this long-neglected room at last.

The Top 6 Dining Room Curtain Ideas for Your Home

Do you lack inspiration for your dining room window treatments? Check out our top six dining room curtain ideas for your home.

1. Farmhouse Dining Room Curtain Ideas

Kitchy rooster prints are definitely old school. Modern farmhouse decor lends itself to practical, comfortable elements, exposed beams, wood flooring and weathered finishes. For farmhouse dining rooms, choose curtains in textured fabrics that let light in.

Try your hand at DIY farmhouse drop cloth curtains.

2. Modern Dining Room Curtain Ideas

If your decor is modern, that doesn’t mean your dining room has to look cold and industrial. Combining modern furniture and fixtures with warm paint and wood flooring creates an inviting space. Accented with light grommet-top curtain panels, this modern dining room beckons your guests to enjoy a cozy night in.

3. Casual Dining Room Curtain Ideas

Casual style is in the eye of the beholder. Whether you’re going for a coordinated look or a mix-and-match feel, everyone loves a casual dining room. This look pairs rod pocket panels over roman shades to control privacy.

Curtain measuring got you down? Learn how to measure for curtains the easy way.

4. Contemporary Dining Room Curtain Ideas

Contrary to modern design, contemporary style features soft, rounded lines in neutrals with punches of color. Pinch pleat curtains blend classic style with modern fabrics and hues.

5. Eclectic Dining Room Curtain Ideas

Don’t underestimate a tiny dining area. If you don’t have space for a lot of drama, a little will do. If your small dining room lacks punch, consider going big with bright floor-to-ceiling unmatched panels. Why not?

Confused about curtain rods? Learn how to measure for curtain rods without stressing.

6. Breakfast Nook Curtain Ideas

If you have a breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen, space may be at a premium. Choosing light, gauzy panels gives the illusion of space and allows obscured views of the great outdoors.

How to Choose Dining Room Window Treatments

How you select window treatments for any space depends on your room size and decor. Whether your area is large or small, casual or traditional, there are many different types of curtains to choose from. 

Here are a few ideas to consider when choosing your dining room curtains.

Coordinate Your Curtains

If your dining room extends from your kitchen, coordinate the window treatments for a cohesive look.

Match Your Curtains With Accessories

Matching your table linens with your curtains offers a little extra panache.

Unite Your Rooms

Matching your living room and dining room window treatments creates a unified living space. Layer curtains over shades if privacy is an issue. 

Form or Function?

Will your dining room curtains be functional or merely decorative? If light or privacy are not issues, curtain tiebacks keep curtains open and out of the way.

Consider Curtain Length

If long curtains don’t work in your dining room, consider apron-length or cafe curtains for a throwback look.

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