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5 Kitchen Curtain Ideas to Spice Up Your Windows

5 Kitchen Curtain Ideas to Spice Up Your Windows

The kitchen is the heart of the home. But when it comes to equipping and decorating the kitchen, most homeowners don’t put much thought into their kitchen window curtains.

If your kitchen needs updating, consider upgrading your kitchen window decor. You might be surprised at how well kitchen window curtains can enhance the space!

We’ve rounded up five appetizing kitchen curtain ideas, perfect for every palate. Plus, read on for tips to choose the right pattern, material and style for your kitchen window curtains.

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Ready to get started? Pull inspiration from some of these stylish kitchen curtain ideas.

5 Kitchen Curtain Ideas

1. Contemporary

Contemporary decor is all about smooth, clean lines and simplicity.

Hang subtle sheer curtains to contrast darker cabinets or furniture. Or, if your kitchen faces the sun and requires more light control, consider installing roller shades that add a subtle yet bold pop of color.

2. Modern

You can’t go wrong with monochromatic curtains in a modern kitchen. If your cabinets, appliances or island are all in the same color family, choose a matching color for your kitchen window curtains.

For modern kitchens with large windows or patio doors, consider a combination of Roman shades and full-length curtains. You can enjoy the benefits of indoor-outdoor living or have the option of closing the draperies for privacy and elegance.

3. Farmhouse and Country

A farmhouse kitchen isn’t complete without a charming set of window treatments! These drop cloth curtains complement farmhouse decor beautifully and are a perfect fit for this small window.

Check out our DIY drop cloth curtain tutorial.

If you’re a fan of prints, hang checkered buffalo curtains on your windows. This bold pattern works well with white farmhouse sinks, wood tabletops and furniture and neutral-colored cabinetry.

4. Mediterranean

You don’t have to have a Mediterranean kitchen to embrace Mediterranean decor.

A Mediterranean color palette includes earthy hues like red, brown, peach, sand and yellow and coastal colors like rich blues and seafoam greens that resemble the sea and the sky.

If your kitchen has darker furniture, cabinets and appliances, opt for earth tone curtains or shades. If you prefer cooler tones and have white or stainless steel appliances, a Mediterranean blue might be ideal.

5. Coastal

To add the finishing touches to a coastal-themed kitchen, hang curtains or window treatments featuring nautical stripes or playful beach patterns.

Soft colors like white, light gray or light blue work well for coastal kitchens. You might also want to go for a curtain style that matches your kitchen’s backsplash.

3 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Window Curtains

Here are three crucial tips to keep in mind as you’re shopping for kitchen window curtains.

1. Safety

Safety is critical when it comes to selecting kitchen curtains. Your kitchen is a hub for cooking and baking, which means heat, smoke, scalding liquids and more.

You’ll want to steer clear of materials that are flammable or absorb odors, such as polyester. Also, avoid high-maintenance fabrics that are difficult to clean, as kitchen curtains can soil quickly.

While certain fabrics work just fine in other areas of your home, they may be more susceptible to damage when exposed to smoke, heat and other hazards in your kitchen.

2. Kitchen Window Size and Location

Kitchen windows can vary in size and location. While many kitchens have one or a few small windows behind the sink, other kitchens are adjacent to wide windows or patio doors.

Take note of the kitchen windows where you want to add curtains to obtain the correct measurements. You need to determine the curtain length, width, type of curtain rod brackets and other specifications. 

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Additionally, the location of the window can impact how you play around with different light levels.

For example, if your kitchen window sits above the sink and you prefer to have more natural light, shop for shorter café curtains that don’t completely block out light from the window.

3. Fabric and Heading Type

Not all curtain fabrics are a match for kitchen windows.

For instance, suede, velvet or silk fabrics would look out of place in the kitchen. Sheer voile or cotton, on the other hand, is more practical.

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Curtain heading style can also impact the overall look and feel of your kitchen windows. Popular curtain heading types for kitchen window curtains include rod pocket, pleat and tab-top.

A pleated heading looks lovely above a farmhouse sink, while a tailored rod-pocket curtain fits well in classic or contemporary kitchens.

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The Best Way to Hang Kitchen Curtains

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