Survey Says! 1000+ Customers Share Their Curtain Hang-Ups

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Have you ever felt frustrated with hanging curtains but didn’t know where to turn? You’re not alone. 

We recently surveyed over 1,000 people to get their thoughts on their curtain “hang-ups.” Find out what our market research says about hanging curtains (yuck!), using curtain accessories and cleaning curtains. We’ll also include some fun facts about curtains, design trends and DIY inspiration for your home improvement projects.

2021 Kwik-Hang Market Research Results

We polled our audience on the following topics:

  • Following home decor or interior design trends
  • Being inspired to make changes based on design trends
  • Changing and updating curtains
  • Cleaning curtains
  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by hanging curtains
  • Losing rental security deposits due to wall damage
  • Fixing damage caused by curtain hardware
  • Using curtain accessories

Fun curtain fact: Curtains keep your home warm so you can save on heating bills! According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, drafts account for an average of $200 to $400 (that’s 10 to 20%) of your annual space heating bill. Hanging thermal or layered curtains blocks out cold, helping you save money and stay warm.

1. Do You Follow Curtain, Home Decor or Interior Design Trends? 

Top three responses:

  • Sometimes: 54%
  • Often: 19%
  • Rarely: 16%

Whether you’re bingeing episodes of Fixer Upper or continually scrolling through Houzz, following home and window decor trends has never been easier. Whether you make good on your decor dreams is another matter!

Fun curtain history fact: Window coverings pre-dated the invention of glass. Ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Roman home-dwellers designed shades made of bamboo, reeds and damp cloth to keep dirt and debris out.

2. Do You Update or Redecorate Your Home According to Home Decor or Interior Design Trends? 

Top three responses:

  • Sometimes: 52% 
  • Rarely: 28%
  • Often: 11%

It turns out that not many people follow home decor industry statistics. Being interested in trends and acting on them can be two different things. If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool DIYer and have gotten the home improvement bug, you may update your decor more often than most.

Decor tip: Horizontally striped curtains make a room seem wider, while vertically striped curtains make a room appear taller. 

3. How Often Do You Change or Update Your Curtains? 

Top three responses:

  • Sometimes: 47% 
  • Rarely: 31%
  • Often: 18%

Changing out your curtain panels or draperies isn’t exactly easy. While window treatments can make or break a room, they can also break your budget. If you’re in-between styles or can’t decide, try tackling a DIY curtain project over a weekend.

Learn how to make dip dye curtains, farmhouse drop cloth curtains or thermal curtains on a dime.

Fun curtain fact: In 2018, the United States exported approximately $133 million worth of curtains and drapes to the rest of the world.

4. How Often Do You Clean Your Curtains? 

Top three responses:

  • Sometimes: 41% 
  • Often: 35%
  • Rarely: 15%

If you’re not replacing your curtains frequently, how often are you cleaning them? Draperies made of heavier fabrics such as velvet are high-maintenance and expensive to clean. Still, cleaning curtains is easier than you think.

5. Have You Ever Felt Stressed or Overwhelmed Trying to Hang Your Curtains? 

Respondents said:

  • Yes: 91% (duh!)
  • No: 9%

What’s not to love about hanging curtains? Well, just about everything! From the hassle of measuring accurately to using power tools while standing on a ladder, spending your weekend hanging curtain rods shouldn’t be on anyone’s calendar. Luckily, Kwik-Hang’s no-drill curtain rod brackets can help you hang curtains in seconds — not hours. 

Fun curtain fact: How many window coverings are too many? Once upon a time, families showed off their affluence by “fully dressing” their windows. People who could afford it “dressed” their windows with valances, cornices and opaque panels over sheer drapery panels, accented by lavish window hardware and tiebacks. Whew.

6. What Caused the Stress in Trying to Hang Your Curtains?

Respondents said:

  • Difficulty installing hardware (80%)
  • Not having enough help (60%)

A couple of our favorite other responses were “no sleep” and “I’m short”! There’s no doubt that lacking tools, assistance or being vertically challenged are just some of the many obstacles in hanging your curtains. 

Fun curtain history fact: The world’s tallest curtains (according to Guinness World Records) measured 213.25 feet, 3 inches in height — about as tall as six telephone poles! They were displayed on the Radisson SAS Oslo Plaza Hotel in Oslo, Norway, on October 3, 2008.

7. Have You Ever Lost Some or All of Your Security Deposit Due to Wall Damage?

60% of our respondents currently live in a rental apartment or home or have lived in one in the past. Of those, 20% had lost some or all of their security deposits due to wall damage. It’s a bummer when your temporary decor ends up costing you big time.

8. Have You Ever Had to Fix Holes In Your Wall Caused By Curtain Hardware? 

Respondents said:

  • Yes: 86%
  • No: 14%

We’ve all been there. Refreshing your decor usually requires replacing existing decor, and that means patching holes — lots of them. Good thing there’s a way to hang curtain rods without drilling holes in your wall! See Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets in action:

9. Do You Use Holdbacks or Tiebacks for Your Curtains? 

Respondents said:

  • Yes: 54%
  • No: 46%

More than half of our respondents said they use curtain tiebacks or holdbacks, and with good reason. Curtain tiebacks and holdbacks provide form and function: they add a decorative element to your curtains and help control light and heat. 

Whether you choose a DIY tieback or one of Kwik-Hang’s new no-drill holdbacks, you won’t go back to being without one.

Use Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets and Hang Up Your Drill Forever

You don’t need to read market research results to know that hanging curtains is a royal pain. Fortunately, a solution is within reach.

When you want to refresh your decor, Kwik-Hang makes it easy. Our revolutionary no-drill curtain rod brackets, curtain rods and curtain holdbacks take you from zero to hero in three easy steps:

kwik hang no drill curtain rod brackets

Our no drill curtain rod brackets are easy to install — no measuring or leveling needed. Just tap the bracket into the top of the window trim, and you’re done! It’s that simple.

Say goodbye to your ugly old curtain rod brackets – try Kwik-Hang today!

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