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7 Window Treatment Trends & Tips for 2022


7 Window Treatment Trends & Tips for 2022

After another challenging year spent balancing indoor and outdoor activities, you may be ready to create more of the comfort we all crave. When it comes to updating your home decor, refreshing your window treatments is a step in the right direction. Want to update your home with the latest window treatment trends for 2022?

Window coverings not only make your home look more finished — they block out light and insulate your home, helping you cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Today we’ve rounded up several window treatment trends and tips from interior designers to spark inspiration for your home decor projects in 2022, room by room.

  1. Clean lines in the living room
  2. Stripes or florals for the kitchen
  3. Natural fabrics in dining areas
  4. Mixed materials in the family room
  5. Light and sound-filtering curtains for bedrooms
  6. Shades for the home office
  7. Trending colors for 2022

1. Clean lines in the living room

Style tip for 2022: Minimalism and simplicity are still popular, as people strive to re-evaluate and declutter their homes. However, clean lines never really go out of style.

Window Treatment Trends 2022 - Living Room

Your living room is often the room your guests see first. So creating a good first impression sets the tone for the rest of your home environment.

Whether you were home for too long last year or found that your home is indeed your sanctuary, creating a comfortable, cozy aesthetic is the goal of many home decor projects.

Layering curtains is still a popular window treatment for living rooms and is an easy way to embrace simplicity in your entertaining space. Layering provides light control while providing a rich, lush look that lends itself well to formal living rooms. Try choosing light-colored fabrics or sheers for an easy, breezy look.

2. Stripes or florals for the kitchen

Style tip for 2022: Choose kitchen curtains with patterns that hide kitchen grime, like stripes or florals.

Window Treatments Trends 2022 - Kitchen

While kitchens often have the same privacy issues as other rooms in your home, they have a unique dilemma: grease and odor.

The easiest way to deal with this sticky problem is to choose machine-washable curtains. Choose sturdy fabrics that can take regular cleaning and avoid decorative elements that may not be laundry-friendly. Patterns are also the perfect way to add personality among less vibrant appliances and cabinetry.

3. Natural fabrics in dining areas

Style tip for 2022: Choose natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo that are reused or recycled to support sustainability efforts.

Window Treatment Trends 2022 - Dining Room

As we (hopefully) prepare for more gatherings in 2022, gathering around the dining room table has never been more meaningful. Substantial dining room curtains or drapes help “anchor” the room, giving it a finished appearance.

4. Mixed materials in the family room

Style tip for 2022: Try combining curtains over woven blinds for a natural, bring-the-outdoors-in look. For those looking for a sustainable approach, introduce vintage elements to make your space unique. Try thrift stores or estate sales for bargains on retro finds.

Window Treatment Trends 2022 - Family Room

The family room is usually a gathering place to relax with loved ones and close friends. You can enhance intimate gathering spaces with a mix of window treatments that provide privacy, while also adding decorative touches that make your space one-of-a-kind.

5. Light and sound-filtering curtains for bedrooms

Style tip for 2022: Combine blackout or soundproof curtains with sheers to let light in during the day while maintaining privacy. Blackout-type curtains can look too heavy during the day.

Window Treatment Trends 2022 - Bedroom

Creating quality sleep zones is a priority for everyone. Whether you’re decorating a primary bedroom, kid’s room, or guest bedroom, controlling light, sound and temperature help ensure that family and guests sleep soundly.

Fortunately, you can usually achieve these three goals with room darkening, soundproof or thermal curtains. As these types of curtains are made with thick, heavy insulation materials, they can generally be counted on to provide the desired light, sound and temperature control.

6. Shades for the home office

Style tip for 2022: Choosing blinds or shades for home offices or guest rooms takes the fuss out of light control. Roman shades, roller shades or wood blinds are available in many styles, materials and colors.

Window Treatment Trends 2022 - Home Office

No one thought working from home would be viable – until it was. As a result, many people have created workspaces that provide privacy and sound control while often doubling as guest rooms or other living spaces.

When it comes to home offices and Zoom calls, light control is essential. Adjustable shades are the perfect solution to manage virtual communications and help you keep your focus.

Style tip for 2022: Keep your home modern and up-to-date with the latest color picks for the new year.

Window Treatment Trends 2022 - Color Of The Year
Top left to right: ‘Very Peri’ by Pantone, ‘Laurel Leaf’ by Better Homes & Gardens, ‘Art and Craft’ by Dunn-Edwards, ‘October Mist’ by Benjamin Moore. Bottom left to right: ‘Evergreen Fog’ by Sherwin-Williams, ‘Guacamole’ by Glidden, ‘Breezeway’ by Behr, ‘Olive Sprig’ by PPG.

You may have heard about Pantone’s Color of the Year selection, but did you know that many paint manufacturers make “color of the year” picks too?

Industry leaders like Better Homes & Gardens, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams are centering their 2022 picks around colors that are soothing and create relaxation, or inspire gratitude and introspection—themes that align with the sentiment of the post-pandemic world.

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