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9 Window Treatment Trends to Rule 2024

9 Window Treatment Trends to Rule 2024

A new year means new styles, fads and fashion. Whether you’re an interior design connoisseur or you’re just dipping your toes into the world of home decor, there’s no better time than the new year to refresh your home with the latest styles.

Though your windows may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider redecorating, accessorizing them intentionally can transform the look and feel of your space. With the right window treatment, you can revamp your home with minimal effort.

Ready to breathe new life into your windows? Get inspired with these 9 window treatment trends for 2024.

Raise the blinds on the new year and take a peek at what’s hot in window treatments with these 9 must-try window treatment trends:

Bold Patterns and Colors

Neutrals took over the home decor space in 2023. Although it’s not time to leave them behind quite yet, consider accenting them with bold patterns and colors.

Striking, noticeable patterns add personality and flair to any space. In rooms with solid-colored furniture, you can run wild with geometric-style curtains and abstract designs. Adding a bold pattern to your home will refresh the feel of your space, inspiring creativity and individuality.

If you’re not ready to commit to a pattern quite yet, experiment with eye-catching colors. Rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and deep burgundy are a great addition to a bedroom or office space – or, for something more unique, try brighter tones like hot pinks and vivid blues. Lining your windows with a bold hue will accent the natural light from outside and add interest to a neutral room.

2023 Window Treatment Trends - Make a Bold Statement

Natural and Organic Textures

Embracing nature and blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors may be one of the most pronounced window treatment trends in 2024. Earthy, organic textures make any space feel more grounded and welcoming – especially when they’re found around windows.

Burlap (also called hessian fabric) and linen curtains are taking center stage in the world of window treatments. The neutral tones in burlap are a great addition to neutral spaces, as they break up the texture of the space without becoming a distraction. The rawness of the fabric makes it a particularly striking choice for kitchen windows, bringing an organic, earthy feel into the space.

Linen, on the other hand, is another natural texture that exudes elegance and lightness. The fabric’s gentle, airy qualities make it a perfect choice for curtains that let in natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere year-round. Eggshell white, sandy beige and soft gret are all great options when choosing linens for your space. They look especially beautiful in bedrooms or beside tall windows.

Linen curtains

Striped Curtains

Stripes are making a comeback in 2024 – and what better place for them than your windows?

Curtains with thin, vertical stripes elongate your windows and make your ceilings appear taller than they are, making them a perfect choice for smaller rooms in your home. Horizontal stripes will open up your space as well, creating the illusion of wider windows and putting an emphasis on the view outside. And, because they compose a uniform pattern, they blend well with various decor styles – from contemporary and modern to quirky and playful.

Striped curtains with subtle, neutral tones and thin lines are well suited for sophisticated spaces, like office spaces or elegant homes. For a more lively feel, curtains with thick stripes with vibrant colors will do the trick.

Mid-Century Modern Curtains

Mid-century modern designs are characterized by their sleek, functional design, including clean lines, minimalist materials and geometric shapes. Inspired by mid-20th-century styles, it seamlessly blends form and function, bringing a nostalgic yet contemporary charm.

When it comes to mid-century modern window treatments, consider incorporating sleek, minimalistic shades that enhance the architectural features of your home. Materials like wood and bamboo provide a warm, natural vibe to any space – and they’re functional, too. Roller, honeycomb, panel track and sheer shades are a great place to start, as they’ll achieve the vintage aesthetic of a mid-century modern space while remaining versatile.

While bold patterns are often used sparingly in mid-century modern homes, abstract geometrics or atomic-inspired designs on curtains add a unique, retro flair. Don’t be afraid to experiment – with the right decor to compliment them, vintage curtains will transform your space into a mid-century dream.

Mid-century modern shades

Dressing Windows with Cornice

Window treatments don’t stop at curtains and shades! Cornices are making a comeback in 2024.

A cornice is a horizontal structure that caps the top of a window. Although some may consider cornices outdated, modern styles made of natural fabrics and wood are emerging as a window treatment trend to watch. They create a sleek, cohesive look, adding the perfect touch of sophistication to your space.

Cornices are extremely versatile, so there’s an option for every home. For elegant, timeless spaces, consider a cornice made of dark mahogany. Or, try a cornice made of white oak or a light shade of beige fabric for something a little more modern.

Wooden cornice

Warm Neutrals

Neutrals never go out of style. In 2023, we saw light neutrals take center stage – but this year, window treatment trends are shifting toward warmer tones.

Warm neutrals compliment any home decor style, from the unique and eclectic to the vintage and timeless. Shades like taupe, cream and nutmeg brown are trending – but any neutral colors with yellow, red or orange undertones will do the trick. Warmer colors tend to be the most eye-catching on the color wheel, and they’re bound to add depth and interest to any space.

Though they tend to look best on windows in the bedroom or living space, you simply can’t go wrong with warm neutrals.

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Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are the perfect balance of practicality and aesthetic appeal. The adjustable louvers allow you to easily regulate the amount of sunlight entering the room, creating a bright, airy atmosphere and providing privacy as needed. And, beyond their functional benefits, they create a clean, polished look that blends in with a variety of different home styles.

There are many different options on the market – but sleek, white shutters are what’s in for 2024. They’ll keep your space open while filtering out excessive light, and they frame outdoor scenery beautifully.

White plantation shutters

Customization and Personalization

Uniqueness and individuality are always sought after in the home decor space. As a result, there has been a stark rise in the demand for personalized window treatment solutions.

There are countless ways to customize curtains, blinds and shades to suit your individual needs and complement your unique home style. Adjusting the color, texture, length, pattern and opacity of your window treatment makes a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space.

The beauty of customization lies in its ability to turn window treatments into a reflection of personal taste – so, whether you’re a minimalist who prefers sleek and simple or a maximalist who loves all things daring and striking, there’s an option out there that will highlight your distinctive style.

DIY Window Treatments

Home renovation can get expensive – but there are plenty of ways that you can refresh your space on a budget.

Thrift stores and vintage markets are treasure troves of unique fabrics, beads and lace that can be repurposed into stylish window treatments. You can even create your own bamboo blinds or sew curtains with old fabrics. Or, if you’re not particularly crafty, simply draping a long piece of lace or delicate fabric around your curtain rod will do the trick. There are endless ways to style your windows – many of which don’t require a dime.

Considering taking on a DIY project? Bring your wildest decor dreams to life with Kwik-Hang’s easy-install, damage-free curtain rod brackets! Just align the brackets to your window frame, tap them in with a hammer and hang your curtain rod – no leveling or drilling needed.

Need a little extra inspiration? Here are some staple colors that are guaranteed to make a statement this year:

  • Peach Fuzz. Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024 – and for good reason. This gentle, peachy tone is sure to soften up any space and inspire serenity.
  • Blue Nova. This rich, striking color by Benjamin Moore is an eye-catcher. A mix of violet and blue, it adds just the right amount of color to any space without being distracting.
  • Thermal. Thermal is C2’s 2024 Color of the Year – a soft, crisp shade of winter blue. Wrapped around your windows, this color will draw the blues out of the sky outside and gently bring the outdoors into your home.
  • Skipping Stones. This color by Dunn-Edwards is a perfect complement to light beige tones. If you’re a fan of neutrals, incorporate this shade into your window treatment to add a subtle pop of color.
  • Bluebird. If you’re a fan of all things bold, Bluebird by Krylon is for you. This versatile shade pairs beautifully with warm and cool tones, inspiring harmony and balance in any space.
  • Cracked Pepper. Behr’s Cracked Pepper is ideal for homes with a strong, masculine feel. This deep charcoal shade screams confidence and individuality.
  • Persimmon. HGTV’s Persimmon is a gorgeous shade of tangerine that strikes a balance between earthy and pastel. This shade is happy, welcoming and friendly, making it a perfect choice for kitchen windows.
  • Ironside. This deep olive shade by Dutch Boy is a moody, grounding tone that’s perfect for cozy lounge spaces. Incorporate this color into your living room or bedroom curtains to bring harmony into your space.
Colors of 2024

No matter what your home design goals are for the new year, one thing is certain – the hardware you choose will make or break your ability to carry out your project successfully.

If you’re looking for the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to hang your updated window treatments, look no further than Kwik-Hang’s damage-free curtain hardware! Hang curtains in seconds with our no-drill curtain rod brackets. Simply align the brackets with the top corners of your window frame and tap them in – no hammer or drilling required.

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