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15 DIY Home Projects for Beginners

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15 DIY Home Projects for Beginners

Renovating your indoor or outdoor spaces shouldn’t require you to spend a fortune or have expert decorating skills.

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite DIY home projects for beginners that are both simple and budget-friendly! 

If you find yourself with some extra free time, try getting crafty with these easy DIY projects for the home:

  1. Make no-sew curtains
  2. Update cabinet knobs and pulls
  3. Construct a blanket or towel ladder
  4. Make no-sew cushion covers
  5. Create a rope shelf
  6. Craft a macramé plant hanger
  7. Make stone wall hooks
  8. Repaint your front door
  9. Reupholster chairs
  10. Swap out doorknobs
  11. Build a plant stand or side table
  12. Install under-cabinet lighting
  13. Customize lightswitch plates
  14. Frame a bathroom mirror
  15. Design a whimsical headboard

15 DIY Home Projects for Beginners

We’ve rounded up our top 15 DIY ideas to inspire your next home improvement project!

1. Make No-Sew Curtains

Updating your window treatments can make a world of difference. You can make no-sew curtains by purchasing fabric-by-the-yard and using double-sided fabric tape.

And, if you’re looking for the easiest way to hang your curtains without using nails, screws or drills, try Kwik-Hang’s damage-free curtain hardware.

Kwik-Hang is the perfect DIY solution for hanging curtains without damaging walls. Install perfect curtains in minutes!

For more curtain and drapery ideas, check out our resource: The Best Window Treatment Ideas for Any Space.

2. Update Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Elevate your kitchen cabinets by swapping out standard hardware for knobs or pulls of your choice.

It’s easy – all you have to do is unscrew the old knobs and replace them with new ones. When it’s time to move out, you can easily reinstall the original pieces.

3. Construct a Blanket or Towel Ladder

Enjoy woodworking? Learn how to build a blanket or towel ladder for just $10 or less.

This statement piece helps you stay organized while hanging towels or throw blankets fashionably.

4. Make No-Sew Cushion Covers

Does your outdoor seating need a facelift? Try this quick hack!

Spruce up chairs or benches with no-sew cushion covers that require only fabric and safety pins.

5. Create a Rope Shelf

Stylishly decorate your walls with this inexpensive, easy DIY rope shelf. All you need is wood, rope and hooks to craft this rustic, mid-century modern piece.

6. Craft a Macramé Plant Hanger

Houseplants brighten and add life to your space. These macramé plant hangers are a beautiful way to display your plants, plus they’re easy to make!

7. Make Stone Wall Hooks

There are endless creative alternatives for traditional wall hooks, but we love the look of these stone hooks.

You can use geodes or any of your favorite rocks to create unique wall hooks that are both decorative and functional.

8. Repaint Your Front Door

Your front door is the grand entrance to your home, so don’t neglect it! Boost your curb appeal by adding a fresh coat of colorful paint to your front door.

9. Reupholster Chairs

Don’t throw out those older chairs just yet – give old or stained chair cushions an update by reupholstering them.

Check out these tips to maintain the chair’s original charm or transform it completely. 

10. Swap Out Doorknobs

Replacing doorknobs is another easy way to enhance your home. 

Search home improvement stores to find a doorknob that matches your style, or browse thrift shops if you’re looking for more one-of-a-kind pieces.

11. Build a Plant Stand or Side Table

Display plants, photo frames, souvenirs or art pieces on this little DIY plant stand side table.

This project requires minimal tools, and you’ll find it incredibly easy to put together!

12. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

No need to call an electrician to complete this project! Add under-cabinet lighting to brighten up an otherwise dull or dark kitchen. Beautify your kitchen in a snap and impress all your visitors! 

13. Customize Lightswitch Plates

Customizing light switch covers is a terrific way to add flair to a room – without all the elbow grease.

This decorative gold leaf accent is the perfect way to accentuate an otherwise overlooked element of your home. 

Need other light switch customization ideas? Try covering switch plates with fabric, using washi tape, painting them or framing them.

14. Frame a Bathroom Mirror

Create a custom frame for your bathroom mirror! Check out this guide on how to turn a functional builder’s grade mirror into a decorative piece. 

15. Design a Whimsical Headboard

Give your bedroom a dreamy makeover by hanging curtains behind your bed for a makeshift headboard. 

Pro-tip: Add string lights behind the curtain for additional lighting and style. 

If you want to avoid drilling curtain hardware into the walls, try this hack:

  • Apply multiple heavy-duty 3M Command Strips to a rectangular piece of wood to mount it to the wall.
  • Then, install Kwik-Hang’s no-drill curtain brackets to the wood piece. Hang a tension rod and a sheer curtain panel to complete the look! 

Get Creative With Your Home Decor

We hope you’ll find some inspiration in these DIY home projects for beginners!

Be sure to try Kwik-Hang’s no-drill brackets and stylish curtain rods if you’re working on a DIY curtain project. 

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