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5 Ways to Save Money on Window Treatments


5 Ways to Save Money on Window Treatments

Between curtains or draperies and brackets, rods, finials and holdbacks, installing window treatments in your home can get expensive fast. 

Bare, unfinished windows are unsightly and lack privacy. But high-quality draperies and hardware for all your windows might end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

If you’re looking for affordable window treatments, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top budget window treatment ideas to create stylish looks that won’t break the bank.

5 Budget Window Treatment Ideas:

  1. Make DIY window treatments
  2. Use no-drill curtain rod brackets
  3. Opt for cotton fabric panels
  4. Try window films
  5. Skip the curtain rod (or make your own)

5 Ways to Save Money on Window Treatments

Discover our best tips for taking your windows to the next level – at just a fraction of the price.

1. DIY Window Treatments

Do you enjoy conquering DIY projects? Try making curtains, blinds or shades using your favorite fabric or drop cloths instead.

If you’re unable to find the right window treatments from a retail store, making custom curtains or shades might be your best bet.

Check out a few of our favorite DIY window treatments:

2. Use No-Drill Curtain Rod Brackets

Let’s face it: traditional curtain hardware is cumbersome to install, and once you take down your rods and brackets, you’re guaranteed to see unsightly holes and wall damage.

To avoid spending money on wall repair and spackle kits (or losing your security deposit – yikes!), use no-drill curtain hardware instead.

With Kwik-Hang’s damage-free curtain rod brackets, you can install and take down curtains in seconds without having to use any nails, screws or drills. All you need is a hammer or mallet, and you won’t need to purchase additional hardware to hang your curtains or drapes.

Kwik-Hang Single Curtain Rod Brackets

3. Opt for Cotton Fabric Panels

For an easy and cheap curtain idea, purchase cotton fabric panels or fabric-by-the-yard from a craft store.

Cotton panels come in different styles, prints, patterns and colors. A pair typically costs around $30 or less – a very budget-friendly option.

If your windows are an unconventional size, consider buying fabric-by-the-yard so you can create custom curtains without having to hem them.

4. Try Window Films

Adhesive films are an excellent option if you want to expose your window’s style but also maintain privacy. If you have any street-facing windows, consider using window films rather than curtains or shades.

You can purchase window films at home improvement stores, but the cost can vary depending on the design or features (heat control, glare control, etc.). However, window films require less maintenance than curtains. Soap, water or glass cleaning solution and a good wipe are all you need.

If you’re up for the challenge, try a DIY window film project. Here are a couple of ways to make window films using sheer fabric or contact paper:

5. Skip the Curtain Rod (Or Make Your Own)

Big box stores often charge a pretty penny for curtain rods and finials that look generic and plain.

To add a unique, personal flair to your windows, try hanging curtains without a rod or making a custom curtain rod that suits your style.

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Scour driftwood from the shore to create an all-natural curtain rod for rustic or beachfront vibes.
  • Recycle old sports equipment like a hockey stick or fishing rod, and use it to hang your curtains.
  • Spray paint 1-inch electric metallic tubes and attach 1-inch cabinet knobs for a complete curtain rod and finials set.

For more crafty ideas, check out our blogs How to Hang Curtains Without a Rod and The Best DIY Curtain Rods and Finials.

Tips for Choosing Budget Window Treatments

As you shop around, think about what you need in a set of window treatments. Don’t just choose the cheapest option available.

Here are the most important things to consider:

Lighting and privacy: Are your neighbors too close for comfort? Do your windows face east, forcing you to wake up earlier than you’d like? Make sure you have a basic understanding of how much lighting and privacy you want. 

Color: The right color window treatments can tie a room together. There’s a big difference between bright pop of color or a lovely neutral shade that tones down your space. What’s most appropriate for your room? 

Material: Curtain material should align with the rest of the room’s decor (the last thing you want is window treatments that look out of place). Additionally, make sure to select appropriate fabrics for the space you’re decorating. For example, avoid using flammable materials in the kitchen or using sheer fabric where privacy is necessary.

Read more: The Best Curtain Fabrics for Your Home

Save Money, Effort and Time With Kwik-Hang

No matter which window treatments you use, you can always depend on Kwik-Hang’s damage-free curtain rod brackets to save money, time and effort in the curtain-hanging process.

Kwik-Hang’s revolutionary curtain hardware is affordable, quick to install and doesn’t damage your walls or require precise measurements.

Just align the Kwik-Hang brackets to your window trim and tap them into place. Removing them is just as easy. You won’t have to stress about spackling holes or paying for unsightly wall damages in the future.

Try Kwik-Hang today!

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