The Best DIY Curtain Rods and Finials

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Curtain rods and finials are an essential, expensive part of hanging curtains, especially for wider windows. Get creative and save money by making them yourself — today we’ll share how to become a pro at making your rods and finials while on a budget.

Curtain rod and finial

Rods and Finials

The main difference between curtain rods and finials is that curtain rods are functional and finials are decorative. The curtain rod supports the curtains. Finials enhance the appearance of the curtain rod and other hardware. All together, rods and finials provide the structure and finishing touch your curtains need to look their best.

The Best DIY Curtain Rods and Finials

Many people have gotten creative and opted to make their own curtain rods and finials. Here are a few of our favorite places to find materials for DIY curtain rods and finials, and how you can make them.

Home Improvement Stores

No matter which big box home improvement store you prefer, head straight to the electrical aisle. Metallic electrical conduit is the perfect material for making curtain rods.

It’s inexpensive, strong and paintable to match any room decor. Metallic electrical conduit is also available in standard 10 ft sections that work well with larger windows.

Home Goods Retailers

Most home goods retailers will have a section devoted to doorknobs and cabinet knobs. You can repurpose these fantastic pieces of hardware as curtain rod finials. Use doorknobs to cap larger diameter curtain rods. Cabinet knobs for curtains rods with a smaller diameter.

Craft Stores

At craft stores, you’ll find wooden dowels, objects and materials that you can use to create your own curtain rods and finials. You may even find inspiration and discover a way to hang your curtains without using a rod at all.

DIY Curtain Rods and Finials

What works for one project won’t necessarily work for another. So, we’ve put together a general strategy to help you create the best DIY curtain rods and finials for any size window.


  • 1” Electric metallic tube (EMT)
  • Automotive primer (spray can)
  • Spray paint
  • Drop cloth
  • Wooden shims
  • 1” Cabinet knobs
  • Epoxy adhesive

How To

Step 1: Choose Your Materials

Purchase a 10 ft section of 1” EMT from your local home improvement store. 1” EMT is strong enough to support heavier fabric, like thermal curtains, and will fit in standard curtain rod brackets. EMT also accommodates large window treatments or multiple windows.

diy curtain rod

Step 2: Prime the Curtain  Rods

Lay down a drop cloth. Place the conduit across a few wooden shims or support. Use the automotive primer to cover the entire conduit. The automotive primer bonds paint to metal surfaces and will keep the paint from scratching off the rod as your curtains open and close.

Step 3: Paint the Curtain Rods

After the automotive primer is dry, apply two even coats of spray paint to your conduit. When the final layer of spray paint dries, it’s time to make your DIY finials!

diy curtain rod

Step 4:  Attach the Finial

With your curtain rod still on the drop cloth, lay out your cabinet knobs and epoxy adhesive. Place a thin bead of epoxy around the rim of the curtain rod end. Press a 1” cabinet knob onto it.

Hold the knob in place at the end of the curtain rod for about a minute or until the cabinet knob has firmly bonded to the rod.

Once the epoxy sets, your DIY curtain rod and finials are ready to use. You can complete the entire project in an afternoon. Costs range between $10-$30 in total depending upon the supplies you already have on hand.

Save Time and Money

If you’re pressed for time and still need a cost-effective curtain rod and finial set, try Kwik-Hang Curtain Rods. They make it easy to save money and transform the look and feel of your room without taking up much of your time.

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