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7 DIY Curtain Rods and Finials You’ll Love

7 DIY Curtain Rods and Finials You’ll Love

Every set of curtains needs a curtain rod and finials, but these materials can get expensive. DIY curtain rods and finials are an easy, cost-effective way to help you save money on curtain hardware.

Learn how to make your own curtain rod and add personal flair with these easy DIY curtain rod projects!

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1. DIY Wood Curtain Rod

This luxurious DIY wood curtain rod is the perfect addition to your home decor!

Classic, timeless pieces like this one work well with different curtain fabrics and any neutral colors. Wood curtain rods are also very durable — an excellent choice for heavy drapes or wide windows that require more curtain panels.

2. DIY Classic Curtain Rod

This budget-friendly option is so easy to customize and will look great in any home! 

All you need is a 1” electric metallic tube (EMT), primer and your favorite spray paint color.

Metallic electrical conduit is the perfect material for DIY curtain rods — they fit standard curtain rod brackets and support lightweight and heavy fabrics. Longer EMTs are suitable for wide windows as well.

You can get a 10-foot tube for under $10 at your local hardware or home improvement store. Win!

3. DIY Industrial Curtain Rod

For a modern, industrial look, try these DIY pipe curtain rods. The wraparound design is ideal for hanging blackout curtains for extra privacy.

Keep in mind you’ll need to hang your curtains on the rod before installing the rod in the wall. If you prefer to swap out your curtains seasonally, consider other DIY curtain rod options.

4. DIY Double Curtain Rod

DIY double curtain rods can be trickier to make. Pipe curtain rods (like the DIY method above) are a popular choice for double curtains, but they’re not as versatile or easy to build. 

Instead, use electric metallic tubes (EMTs), primer and spray paint as mentioned previously, and create two separate curtain rods for your layered curtains. Check out this great DIY double curtain rod tutorial for more details. 

Make sure to use a 5/8-inch or 1/2-inch EMT for the inner rod and a 1-inch EMT for the outer rod to accommodate double curtain rod brackets.

5. Cabinet Knob Finials

This DIY curtain rod finial idea is so charming! You can repurpose cabinet knobs as curtain finials. Feel free to reuse old knobs that you tucked away, or find unique pieces at a home goods store or thrift shop.

Pro-tip: Use doorknobs to cap larger diameter curtain rods. Use cabinet knobs for curtains rods with a smaller diameter.

Take a look at this DIY knob finial hack that’s super chic and easy to do. To attach the knobs to your rod, you can use epoxy adhesive or corks that fit into your curtain rod. 

6. Knotted Rope Finials

This DIY knotted rope finial idea is an excellent choice for a kid’s room, office or craft room! The only supplies you’ll need for these inexpensive finials are wooden craft balls and knotted rope of your choice. 

7. Pinecone Finials

Become one with nature, or perk up your home for the holidays! These DIY curtain rod pinecone finials add warmth and beauty to a family room, dining room or kitchen. 

Use corks to connect the pinecones to your curtain rod. Insert the cork into your curtain rod, and use hot glue to attach the pinecone to the cork. That’s it!

Hang DIY Curtain Rods Without Drilling

Wrap up your DIY curtain rod project by hanging your curtains in a matter of minutes.

Kwik-Hang’s damage-free curtain rod brackets and curtain rods allow you to hang curtains and drapes without the need for nails, screws or drills. 

Just align the brackets to your window trim, tap them in with a hammer, and slide in your new DIY curtain rods! It’s as easy to install as a thumbtack, and won’t leave damage in your walls or woodwork.

Experience the Kwik-Hang difference today!

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