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What Is a Finial? Your Guide to Curtain Accessories

What Is a Finial? Your Guide to Curtain Accessories

When it comes to curtains, it’s all about the details. The right curtain accessories can make or break your window treatments.

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about curtain finials, tiebacks and other decorative touches. Discover how you can transform your windows and create the space of your dreams!

What Is a Finial?

Finials are decorative ornaments or knobs used in architecture and home decor. They are often seen on top of buildings, fence posts, light fixtures and at the end of curtain rods.

Curtain rod finials are more than just decoration. They serve a functional purpose by preventing your curtains from slipping off the ends of the curtain rods.

Finials come in countless designs, colors and finishes to match your window style and home decor. So how do you choose the right ones for your curtains and rods?

If you need finial ideas for your curtains, read on for expert tips on how to choose curtain rod finials.

How to Attach and Remove Finials

Attaching finials to curtain rods is easy.

First, make sure your finial size and curtain rod width are identical (like a 1-inch finial with a 1-inch curtain rod). Finials usually attach to a curtain rod securely without any screws needed. However, note that some finial styles do require screws.

Are curtain rod finials interchangeable? Absolutely. If you feel like changing things up, finials are easily removable. Don’t forget to use our handy tips above to help you find another perfect set of finials for your curtains!

How to Choose the Right Finials

When shopping for finials, consider the material, color and finish.

First, select a material that matches or complements the curtain rods. The most common curtain rod materials are wood, metal, brass and nickel.

L to R: Wood finial, glass finial, nickel finial

Popular curtain rod and finial combinations include:

  • Nickel rods with nickel or glass finials
  • Steel rods with bronze finials
  • Brass rods with brass or glass finials
  • Wood rods with wood or bronze finials

Next, select a color and finish that matches your curtain rods.

For instance, glass and acrylic finials tend to be clear or white. They match well with silver or gunmetal gray curtain rods. Oil rubbed bronze finials go well with bronze curtain rods, whereas black finials compliment black curtain rods.

L to R: Bronze finial with bronze rod, glass finial with nickel rod, black open work finial with steel rod

Finally, make sure the style of your finials matches the room decor (like traditional or modern). Ball finials and open work finials suit modern decor, whereas glass finials or ornate finials are suited for traditional home decor.

L to R: Modern ball finial, fleur-de-lis

Though there are many standard combinations, remember that there are no set rules when it comes to pairing curtain hardware and accessories. Use your best judgment or eye for design when it comes to choosing the right finials for your rods and curtains.

Enjoy DIY and want to learn how to make finials? Check out our blog here.

Curtain Accessories

Aside from finials, you might want to include other curtain accessories that add personality and style to your window treatments.

Tiebacks and Holdbacks

Now that you’ve found the perfect finials for your window treatments, you can add additional curtain accessories like tiebacks or holdbacks.

Tiebacks gather and pull back your curtains to allow in extra light. They add a touch of elegance and make a great statement piece for your curtains.

Holdbacks differ slightly. A holdback is a piece of rigid hardware that attaches to a wall so you can pull the curtain behind it. Holdbacks are usually made of metal and have decorative ornaments, just like finials.

Tiebacks or holdbacks should match with the color and material of your finials and curtain rods.

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Drapery Rings and Clips

Want to update a formal room with something more casual? We suggest using lightweight or sheer curtains with drapery rings or clips to add a sleek, modern touch.

Drapery rings make your window treatments appear seamless and tailored, and are easy to use. Drapery rings usually come in metal finishes such as silver, gold or bronze, so if your curtains or decor don’t mesh with metal, drapery rings or clips may not be optimal.

If you’re changing from drapery pins to rings and clips, you’ll want to ensure your curtain length is still appropriate for the window and room. Drapery rings will add extra length, so your curtains may extend on the floor. 

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