8 Clever Ways to Make a Small Apartment Look Bigger

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Decorating a small apartment means striking the right balance between cozy and stylish without making the space feel cramped.

If you’re in a smaller apartment (like a studio), you’re probably wondering what you can do to maximize your square footage. 

Today, we’ll show you how to make a small apartment look bigger with a few favorite landlord-friendly and budget-friendly tips!

8 Tips to Make a Small Apartment Look Bigger

Try these hacks to create an illusion of a spacious home:

  1. Hang curtains to diffuse light 
  2. Maximize natural light
  3. Place furniture strategically
  4. Hang mirrors
  5. Use area rugs
  6. Avoid clutter
  7. Use hidden storage and multipurpose furniture
  8. Add plants to your space 

1. Hang curtains to diffuse light

If your small apartment seems dim or uninviting, hang lightweight curtains for a touch of brightness. Sheer curtains are a great option; they diffuse light when they’re open but offer enough privacy when they’re closed. 

While some renters are hesitant to hang curtains in a rental, you can still install window treatments that are stylish and durable — without damaging your walls.

With Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets, you hang curtains on any window with a frame — no drills needed. Just align the brackets to your window trim, tap in with a hammer and hang your curtains. Kwik-Hang brackets are available for single or double rods in various colors, so you can find hardware to match your apartment.

Kwik-Hang brackets also hold up to 20 pounds, so it’s a safe and sturdy option for all types of curtains, drapes and even hanging planters.

2. Maximize natural light

If you want to make a small apartment look bigger, make sure you’re bringing in as much natural light as possible. Try not to block windows with big pieces of furniture, such as beds or bookshelves.

Taking advantage of natural light can also help you save money on your utility bill since you won’t have to turn on many lights while the sun is out. South-facing windows get the most direct sunlight during the day, so be sure not to obstruct those windows.

3. Place furniture strategically

Letting light into your space isn’t just limited to your windows. To maximize the sense of light and space in your apartment, consider your furniture too. 

Instead of dark-colored furniture or ornate tables and chairs that look bulky, opt for bright pieces with slim legs and clean lines. The right furniture can make your place seem bigger than it is.

Pro-tip: If you prefer modern decor, mid-century modern furniture tends to sit lower to the ground, creating a sense of openness. Consider these pointers when you’re shopping for bigger furniture like beds or couches.

4. Hang mirrors

Mirrors are an easy way to add openness to a room. They cast an illusion by reflecting light and trick your eye into seeing more space than there is.

Try to hang mirrors on walls that face focal points in a room. You can also position a mirror to look like another window.

5. Decorate with area rugs

Putting down a rug is an easy way to define a space, helping make a small apartment look bigger. 

If you have a studio apartment, rugs are a great way to separate your sleeping space from the rest of your apartment. If you need to spruce up an older rental, a rug can draw attention away from old flooring or worn carpet. 

Try different shapes and sizes to fit your space, like a long runner for a hallway or a big round rug for your living room.

6. Avoid clutter

Although it seems obvious, conquering clutter can help make your small apartment look and feel bigger. 

Purge items you haven’t touched in years, and make sure everything has a home. When you live in a small apartment, it’s essential to optimize storage areas so clutter doesn’t become a visual distraction.

Consider using a tall bookshelf as a decorative element in your apartment. Some bookshelves have open and closed shelving, so you can also use them for storage.

7. Use hidden storage and multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture is one of the most effective ways to maximize space. If you want to make a small apartment look bigger, you don’t want more furniture than you need.

For example, rather than wrestling with multiple storage boxes, look for a bed with built-in drawers. Or, opt for an extendable dining room table that can expand when you have guests and retract for everyday use.

8. Add plants to your space

Although plants might seem like a lot of work, they’re a great way to decorate a rental, and you can easily take them with you when you move.

Artificial plants are tempting, but many easy-care plants are perfect for apartment living. Plus, real plants won’t fade in color, unlike fake ones. 

A plant like a pothos doesn’t require much light and looks beautiful on a high shelf where you can showcase its trailing vine. Snake plants are also popular for their longevity and look great sitting in a floor planter.

Easy Solutions for Decorating Small Apartments

Don’t get discouraged when it comes to the challenge of decorating your apartment. You can easily make a small apartment look bigger with our strategic decorating tips.

Installing Kwik-Hang’s innovative curtain rod brackets and curtain holdbacks are the easiest and most affordable way to decorate your home and make your apartment feel bigger. With Kwik-Hang, you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls and losing your security deposit. It’s a win-win! For more apartment decor inspiration, follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.

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