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5 Benefits of Using Tiebacks for Curtains and Drapes

5 Benefits of Using Tiebacks for Curtains and Drapes

Are your windows missing that final “wow” factor?

By adding a set of curtain tiebacks or holdbacks, you can turn even the simplest curtains or draperies into jaw-dropping home decor statements.

Curtain tiebacks are accessories that gather and hold curtains open. Tiebacks wrap around a curtain, sometimes attaching to a hook on the wall. They can also gather a curtain in the middle of a window and hang freely.

Unlike curtain holdbacks or knobs, curtain tiebacks are made of flexible materials like fabric, cord or rope.

Let’s discover the top five reasons to add tiebacks for your curtains or drapes!

5 Benefits of Using Tiebacks for Curtains and Drapes

Curtain tiebacks aren’t just for style! They also provide some functional benefits, making them a must-have for any set of window treatments.

Using tiebacks for curtains or drapes can:

  1. Control light and privacy
  2. Add style
  3. Keep curtains in place
  4. Help keep curtains clean
  5. Reduce curtain wear and tear

1. Control light and privacy

Curtain tiebacks help you control the amount of light in your room.

Generally, tiebacks should hang one-third of the way up from the bottom of the curtain. For example, if your curtain is 84 inches long, you would place the tieback about 28 inches from the bottom. A tieback for a 36-inch long cafe curtain would be placed 12 inches from the bottom.

However, these are not hard and fast rules. The amount of light you allow in can vary depending on how high or low you attach the tiebacks to your curtains. High tiebacks let the most light in, while low tiebacks allow less light in and look more dramatic.

When you need privacy, you can remove the curtain tiebacks. Releasing the tiebacks allow curtains to close easily.

2. Add style

Without tiebacks, curtains can look plain and unfinished.

Curtain tiebacks add a decorative touch and are made with a variety of materials. Tiebacks can dress a curtain up or down and can match or contrast with the curtain’s color.

If you have large windows with multiple curtain panels, tying curtains in the middle may be preferable than tying them to the side.

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3. Keep curtains in place

If you enjoy opening your windows for some fresh air, you’ll definitely want to add tiebacks to your curtains or drapes. Wind can blow your curtains around inside and outside.

Using curtain tiebacks helps keep curtains neatly in place, reducing movement and excessive drafts.

4. Help keep curtains clean

When curtains come in contact with the outside air, you can bet they’ll get dirty faster.

Using curtain tiebacks helps keep curtains still, reducing contact with dirt and cutting down on cleaning costs.

Tiebacks also prevent excessive dust from gathering on panels that are simply hanging wide open. You might find yourself using the duster or vacuum attachment a little less often!

5. Reduce curtain wear and tear

Do you wrestle to move or open your curtains?

Some curtain styles (like rod pocket curtains) hang tightly on your curtain rod, making them hard to move.

If you open and close your curtains regularly, using curtain tiebacks allows you to adjust them easily. Tiebacks prevent your curtains from tattering and reduce wear and tear on your curtain rod over time.

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