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9 Different Ways to Hang Curtains and Spark Creativity

9 Different Ways to Hang Curtains and Spark Creativity

We’re used to seeing curtains hanging in the usual fashion, quietly framing a window. But that’s only the beginning.

There are a lot of creative ways to hang curtains and add warmth, depth, texture and uniqueness to a room.

Check out our top picks of different ways to hang curtains and accentuate your space!

9 Unique Ways to Hang Curtains in Your Home

You’re going to love the custom-feeling but very doable curtain-hanging ideas.

Let’s start with your sanctuary — the place you begin and end each day.

1. Create a Curtain Panel Bed Canopy

How could you not get a good night’s sleep in this cozy setting?

To achieve this serene space, attach curtain rod brackets directly to the wall. Hang your curtains and drape them on either side of the bed.

If you want it to extend around the entire perimeter of the bed, use ceiling-mount curtain rod brackets and universal corner connectors to configure curtain rods directly above your bed.

With a sheer curtain or fabric, tie loose, chunky knots on all four corners. You can add soft twinkle lights to complete this whimsical look.

2. Cover Closets with No-Sew Canvas Drop Cloth Curtains

Closet doors are a pain. Hinged doors take up space when open. Sliding closet doors prevent you from seeing everything inside at once. They’re clunky and don’t make optimal use of the area.

This canvas, drop cloth curtain door alternative solves the problem and softens your bedroom environment. Canvas drop cloths are inexpensive and easy to pick up at any hardware store. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Wash and iron your drop cloths
  • Fold them over at the top and clip them to curtain rings

This durable, stylish alternative delivers that Joanna Gaines’ touch that everyone is obsessing over.

3. Design a Curtain Headboard

A little creativity goes a long way to warm up a lackluster bedroom. This romantic, playful headboard idea is an easy DIY project that has a big impact. It creates a great contrast wall you can easily update to match your style whims.

Here’s how to achieve this look:

  • Mount a curtain rod at your desired height on the wall behind your bed. You may need a center support bracket if you want to extend it across the entire wall.
  • Hang a wide, curtain panels (you may need a few curtain panels to achieve the desired look).

4. Combine Overlapping Sheer Curtains

Overlapping sheer curtains are graceful, put-together and classic.

To achieve this romantic look, lay two curtain panels atop each other. Connect clip curtain rings to your curtain rod (the curtain ring should clip into both curtains).

Then, sweep each panel aside and secure with your favorite tie-backs for a composed yet breezy result.

5. Add a Personal Touch with Script Curtains

Have something to say? The script on these draperies adds elegance and personality. You could write poetry, an excerpt from a book, a famous speech, song lyrics or a single quote. The possibilities are endless.There are several ways to go about this project using a fabric or permanent marker:

  • Bravely free-hand it.
  • Start with a pencil, then trace the script with a fabric or permanent marker.
  • Write your message on a large piece of white paper. Lay transparent curtains over and trace it.
  • Use a stencil.

6. Make DIY Boho Scarf Curtains

Less is not more when it comes to these. The best part? You can’t mess them up. This vibrant, DIY, boho scarf curtains will instantly brighten your mood.

Gather colorful scarves from wherever you can find them. Tie them together to create large curtain panels and attach them to the top.

7. Use a Tree Branch as a Curtain Rod

Lessen the stark divide between house and mother nature by bringing a bit of the outside indoors. This tree branch, curtain rod idea is an easy and free way to add to your rustic style.

The fun part is searching for the perfect branch to accent your room.

Make sure you look for one that is as straight as possible. It should be thick enough to support your curtains but thin enough to fit in your curtain rod brackets (You can also try your local craft store or flea market if you live in an urban area).

8. Use a Rowing Oar as a Curtain Rod

Oars are a great curtain rod alternative. Weathered oars can be purchased online or even better, find a previously used one. Opt for large curtain rings and clip your curtains on for a maritime vibe.

9. Make a Rustic Reclaimed Wood Curtain Rod

Unique and rustic, this DIY alternative curtain rod idea adds character to any room.

Here’s how to create it:

  • Cut a 1×4-inch plank of wood (pine is inexpensive and perfect for this application) to your desired width.
  • Whitewash the wood.
  • Evenly space hooks across the board.
  • Hang a tab-top curtain panel.
  • Use a holdback with the same finish as your hooks to hold the curtain open.

Hang Your Unique Curtains with Kwik-Hang

Mounting a traditional curtain rod is a chore. You need a drill, level, stud-finder, ruler and some poor soul who is willing to stand around for a second opinion on placement.

Kwik-Hang brackets, rods and holdbacks don’t require complicated labor. Plus, they won’t damage your walls either. 

Simply align the brackets with the top corners of your window trim and tap them in. They hold up to 20 lbs., strong enough to support your wildest curtain hanging dreams.

Give Kwik-Hang brackets a try today.