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The Best Tips For Hanging Curtains Without The Hassle

The Best Tips For Hanging Curtains Without The Hassle

Curtains create privacy, warmth and improve the look and feel of a room. But there’s a catch: they’re a pain to hang, and it’s easy to make mistakes along the way.

If you’re looking for expert tips for hanging curtains, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to discover our best hassle-free curtain hanging tips, so you can get ready to enjoy your newly decorated space.

8 Tips for Hanging Curtains You Might Not Know About

  1. Don’t choose curtains that are too short
  2. Hang curtains fuller and wider than your window frame
  3. Account for curtain hardware when measuring
  4. Don’t skimp on curtain hardware quality
  5. Layer curtains with blinds or shades to add depth
  6. Press and steam curtains to remove wrinkles
  7. Always double-check measurements
  8. Clean curtains regularly (or use washable fabrics)

1. Don’t Choose Curtains That Are Too Short

Curtains that are too short are an eyesore and look cheap.

Calculate curtain length based on the look you desire. For example, formal drapes should fall in a graceful puddle on the floor. But curtains in high-traffic areas (like a kitchen or living room) should sit right above the floor, so they don’t get dirty easily or pose a tripping hazard.

A good rule-of-thumb is to hang your curtains so they’re touching or hovering half an inch above the floor. This classic style doesn’t require much maintenance or rearranging whenever you open and close your curtains.

2. Hang Curtains Fuller and Wider Than Your Window Frame

Curtains that aren’t wide enough leave large, unsightly gaps when closed.

Curtain panels should be 1.5 to 3.5 times the width of the window. A shorter width gives curtains a tailored look. Fuller, wide draped curtains look more formal.

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3. Account for Curtain Hardware When Measuring

It’s easy to forget to account for curtain hardware when taking measurements.

While measuring for curtain length, remember to add in the extra inches for the curtain rod brackets and curtain rod(s). If you don’t factor in these measurements, you may end up with curtains that puddle on the floor longer than you’d like.

4. Don’t Skimp on Curtain Hardware Quality

If your curtain rod and brackets aren’t strong enough to support the curtains, they’ll eventually droop, break or fall out. You’ll end up with damaged woodwork or annoying holes in the wall.

You can calculate the weight-per-foot ratio to choose the right rod for your curtains. For example, say your curtains weigh 20 pounds and the length of the rod is 10 feet. You’ll need a rod with a two-pounds-per-feet ratio.

Also, make sure to get the right style and number of brackets for your rod length. 

If your curtain is longer than 30 inches, you’ll need at least one center support bracket. And if you’re hanging layered curtains, you’ll need to use a double curtain rod bracket (plus double center support brackets for wider windows).

Kwik-Hang’s sturdy, damage-free curtain hardware holds up to 20 pounds each. Choose from single brackets and center supports, and double brackets and double center supports.

5. Layer Curtains With Blinds or Shades to Add Depth

Sometimes hanging curtains on their own isn’t enough. If you have larger, wider windows that need a little more pizzazz, consider layering curtains with a set of blinds or shades.

When it comes to blinds and shades, you’ve got plenty of options. Venetian blinds, Roman shades, roller shades and cellular shades are all popular choices that offer different benefits.

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6. Press and Steam Curtains to Remove Wrinkles

Store-bought (and online-bought) curtains are bound to get wrinkled in their packaging or while in transit.

Many people assume that the wrinkles will fall out once you hang the curtains, but that usually doesn’t happen.

To avoid an eyesore, press and steam your curtains before you hang them. You can also use an iron, but a steamer will work much better — especially if the curtain fabric is delicate. 

Also, creases in curtain fabric can shorten their length, resulting in inaccurate measurements. And if your new curtains are machine washable, you’ll want to launder them before measuring to account for shrinkage in length or width.

7. Always Double Check Measurements

Double check (or better yet, triple check) your curtain measurements. We can’t stress this enough — nothing throws off curtains more than the wrong measurements.

Measurement errors result in crooked curtain rods and unnecessary nail holes in your drywall. Always confirm your measurements when hanging curtains (and before making any holes in your wall).

Pro-tip: Want to skip measuring for curtains altogether? Use Kwik-Hang’s easy curtain rod brackets, which only take seconds to install!

8. Clean Curtains Regularly (Or Use Washable Fabrics)

Knowing how to clean and maintain your curtains will make them last longer. Check the care label to see what kind of maintenance your curtains require.

Some curtains are machine-wash friendly, but might also shrink. Launder your curtains before measuring to accommodate any shrinkage.

Other curtains are dry-clean only. For these types of delicate, luxurious fabrics, follow the care instructions seriously. You can easily ruin quality curtains by trying to wash them yourself.

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How to Hang Curtains Without The Hassle

We hope these curtain hanging tips will make hanging curtains easier for you. However, there’s another way to make this process completely stress-free.

Kwik-Hang’s no-drill, damage-free curtain rod brackets solve all your curtain hanging woes. Thanks to the bracket’s revolutionary technology, you can hang your curtains in seconds — no measuring, leveling or drilling needed.

Simply position the brackets on your window frame, tap them in with a hammer and hang your curtains. That’s it! No screws, nails or other hardware required.

Say goodbye to the stress of hanging curtains – try Kwik-Hang today!

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