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Bedroom Boredom? 9 Bedroom Curtain Ideas to Inspire You

Bedroom Boredom? 9 Bedroom Curtain Ideas to Inspire You

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. But does it look and feel like one? Many people focus on furniture and bedding when considering decor ideas, not realizing that bedroom curtains can make or break a room. Curtains can take a bedroom from boring to breathtaking.

Bedroom curtains offer a creative way to elevate your home’s interior design. By hanging curtains or updating your current bedroom curtains, you can achieve the look, feel and lighting you need to make your bedroom positively blissful.

In this post, we’ll show you some of the best bedroom curtain ideas, along with tips on how to choose bedroom curtains.

The Best Curtain Ideas for Bedroom Windows

Curtains are practical, functional and enhance your existing decor. Not sure how to bring it all together? Here are nine of our favorite ideas for bedroom window curtains.

1. Lighten Up With Linen Curtains

If you want a look that’s easy and breezy, linen curtains are where it’s at. Linen curtains go well with contemporary, casual or beach-inspired decor. They’re an excellent choice for any bedroom with a spectacular view that also needs a touch of privacy.

2. Go to the Dark Side

Who says dark-themed bedrooms are cold or sterile? Combining dark colors with light and adding throw blankets and pillows adds sophistication and drama. Dark curtains continue the effect into nighttime, creating a cozy nest perfect for deep sleep.

3. Patterns on Purpose

To blend in or stand out -- that is the question. Choosing patterned curtains is the ultimate accent in formal or traditional bedroom decor. Patterned curtains draw attention to windows, making them a focal point of the room. Adding blinds or bedroom sheers provides extra light and privacy coverage.

4. Pom Pom Power

Feeling whimsical? Choosing curtains with pom pom tassels adds a fun, boho touch to a teenager’s room or guest bedroom. Continue the theme with pom pom pillows or a tassel-trimmed bed skirt.

5. Go for the Greige

Gray or beige — can’t decide? Greige is the best of both worlds, a neutral color that blends with other neutrals or serves as a backdrop for dramatic colors. Greige that is more gray works well with white, blue and cool colors. Greige that’s more beige can be used with just about any other color. This bedroom has puddled curtains for a luxurious effect.

6. Dream in Cream

Sometimes pure white is just so … white. Right? Basing your bedroom on a palette of cream lends a soft yet clean look. Pair your cream draperies with off-white blinds for a luxurious yet comfortable look.

7. Create an Accent Wall

Do you have to put your bed in front of a window? Sometimes small rooms have design issues that you have to work around. Creating an accent wall with curtains creates a “headboard” effect while shielding light. Adding a matching shade or valance on an adjoining wall creates a cohesive look.

8. Two-Toned

Focusing your bedroom decor on two colors offers a crisp, clean look that’s hard to beat. Whether you choose curtains and bedding of a complementary (colors opposite on the color wheel) or analogous (colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel) color scheme, pairing two colors makes a sophisticated statement.

9. Showcase the Shiplap

Chip and Joanna Gaines would be so proud! If you’ve taken the trouble to decorate your bedroom with shiplap, you may not want anything else to steal your attention away. Using neutral draperies puts the focus squarely on your walls while offering light filtering and privacy. Curtain holdbacks or tiebacks let the light in.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bedroom Curtains

Beyond bedroom design and decor, curtains offer several practical uses. Consider particular types of curtains if you need to:

Add Privacy

Layering your curtains enables you to add extra privacy at night. Use double brackets and double curtain rods to layer a sheer curtain under an opaque or blackout drape or curtain. Layered curtains also provide extra insulation (more on this below). 

Insulate Against Fluctuating Temperatures

Did you know that hanging curtains is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy costs? Energy-efficient curtains (also called insulated curtains or thermal curtains) are thick, heavy curtains that provide additional insulation in hot and cold climates, keeping extreme temperatures at bay. 

Energy-efficient curtains are useful in bedrooms with single-pane, south or west-facing windows. If you live in colder climates, you’ll want to hang insulated curtains in the bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

Block Light

Blackout curtains are a must for anyone serious about their sleep. Blackout curtains cover the entire window frame, creating complete darkness for undisturbed sleep. They’re ideal for rooms where temperature control is not strictly necessary.

Both energy-efficient curtains and blackout curtains can block light. However, only energy-efficient curtains are effective for insulating a room. Many use the terms ‘thermal’ and ‘blackout’ interchangeably, so make sure you choose the right curtains to suit your needs.

Create a Noise Barrier with Soundproof Curtains

Do you live on a busy street, have noisy neighbors or early morning sprinklers? Soundproof curtains create a buffer that helps reduce sound, which can aid sleeping and relaxation.

Help Keep Your Bedroom Clean

Do you like opening your windows to let fresh air circulate? Curtains can act as filters, preventing dust and outside dirt from accumulating in your room. Remember to clean your curtains periodically to keep them in good shape.

Set the Tone of the Space

Curtains establish the vibe you want for your personal space. No matter what furniture or artwork you hang on the walls, your window treatments will be a dominant statement in your bedroom.

Curtains also complement your existing bedroom style. For example, you can make a canopy bed look even more luxurious by adding a matching valance. Or, coordinate your accent pillows and curtain panels for an extra pop of color.

Protect Curtains From Sun Damage

Are you concerned about sun damage? Adding a curtain lining protects your curtains from fading if your windows face direct sun for most of the day. Curtain lining helps your window treatments last longer, as well as providing an extra layer of opacity for extra privacy.

Additionally, many homeowner’s associations have strict rules about the appearance of draperies from the outside. Lined curtains provide a uniform look as you view your home from the street.

The Best Way to Hang Bedroom Curtains

Which curtain is the best for your bedroom? You tell us! When it comes to dressing your bedroom windows, there isn’t a wrong way.

There are countless curtain styles to choose from and tons of ways to hang them. Save time and effort on the curtain-hanging process with Kwik-Hang’s no-drill curtain rod brackets. They’re incredibly easy to install and won’t leave holes in walls or damage woodwork.

Just place the Kwik-Hang bracket on your window frame, tap it in and hang your curtains. That’s it! No screws, no drilling and no problems. 

Hang perfect bedroom curtains every time using our damage-free curtain rod brackets. Try Kwik-Hang today!

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