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10 Patio Door Curtain Ideas You’ll Love

10 Patio Door Curtain Ideas You’ll Love

Don’t settle for boring blinds across your patio or sliding glass doors!

Whether you’re decorating your space, showcasing a fabulous view or creating a privacy shield, there’s a window treatment to suit your every need.

From solid curtains to soft sheers and vertical shades, we’re sharing our favorite sliding patio door curtain ideas, plus helpful tips for choosing the best curtains for patio doors.

Patio Door Curtains: What to Consider

Before choosing curtains for your patio doors, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Size your curtain rod and curtains correctly. If your curtain rod stops at the edge of your door frame, your curtain stack may hinder your entrance and exit through the door. Make sure your curtain rod is long enough to extend beyond the door to allow your curtains to open fully. Also, measure your curtains so they’re wide enough to close completely without looking too taut. 
    Installation tip: Hang patio door curtains an inch above the floor to keep them clean and out of the way.
  • Avoid pocket-style curtains for patio doors. While pocket-style curtains are a popular choice for many windows, they don’t open and close easily. Use grommet-style or pinch pleat curtains for smoother operation.
  • Use curtain tiebacks or holdbacks for functionality. When patio doors are open, your curtains may blow around in the breeze, increasing their exposure to dirt and potentially creating a tripping hazard. Keep them in place by using curtain tiebacks or holdbacks for functionality and style.
  • Watch your head! Horizontal window treatments aren’t the best choice for doorways due to overhead clearance issues. Curtains and vertical treatments allow people of any height to pass through doors without ducking.
  • Choose colors wisely. Sliding doors and patio doors are made almost entirely of glass, creating an extra-large surface area. Keep this in mind when deciding your curtain color. A bold color or pattern that looks stylish on a small window might be overwhelming on a large one.
    Design tip: Match your curtains to your wall color for a seamless, modern look.
  • Open left or right? Open your curtains in the same direction as the door. If your door opens from left to right, your curtains should open that way, too.

Confused About Installation? Read How to Hang Curtains

10 Patio Door Curtain Ideas

1. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains block light. These curtains have a thin opaque lining attached to the interior side. They’re ideal for rooms where temperature control is not strictly necessary. You can also create blackout curtains by adding a liner to your existing curtains.

2. Energy-Efficient Curtains

Both energy-efficient curtains and blackout curtains can block light. However, only energy-efficient curtains are effective for insulating a room. Many use the terms ‘thermal’ and ‘blackout’ interchangeably, so make sure you choose the right type of curtain to suit your needs.

3. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains allow natural light into the room while maintaining some privacy. Light colors and lightly textured fabrics are ideal for sheer curtains.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Curtains

If your patio door is near a swimming pool or other water source, choosing indoor/outdoor curtains may be wise. Indoor/outdoor curtains are water repellent, mildew resistant and offer UV protection.

5. Layered Curtains

Layer curtains with sheers for superior light filtering and a soft, designer look. You can also combine curtains with vertical blinds for additional privacy and light control. 

6. Sheer Vertical Shades

Sheer vertical shades combine the look of sheer curtains with the functionality of vertical blinds. Tilt sheer vertical shades open to let light in, or tilt them closed for privacy and light filtering. Like other vertical shades, sheer shades fit neatly against each other when fully opened, maximizing your view.

7. Vertical Cellular Shades

A newer type of window treatment, vertical cellular shades help control the temperature in your room. Their honeycomb construction traps air in pockets, insulating your windows to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cellular shades can lower your energy bills, especially if you live in a hot or cold climate.

8. French Door Curtains

French door curtains are ideal when you want to block most of the light coming in from the window or conceal your view. Install French door curtains with a tension rod mount.

9. Sliding Panels

Sliding panel shades (also known as panel track blinds) are a chic modern window treatment. Like vertical blinds, sliding panels open side to side but consist of large panels rather than narrow slats. Sliding panels are incredibly versatile and available in a variety of materials, including eco-friendly natural woods, bamboo, reeds and grasses.

10. Valances

Want to hide your curtain fittings or have a simple, streamlined look? Valances, cornices and window scarves provide a stylish way to conceal curtain rods and hanging hardware.

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