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8 Different Ways to Tie Back Curtains

8 Different Ways to Tie Back Curtains

Curtain tiebacks and holdbacks are a great way to elevate your window treatments, no matter what style you’re aiming to create.

Today, we’re sharing our favorite unique curtain holdbacks and tiebacks ideas, sure to inspire your next home decor project.

Get ready to accessorize your curtains and let the sunshine in!

8 Different Ways To Tie Back Curtains

You’re sure to love these decorative curtain holdback and tieback ideas:

  1. Modern curtain holdbacks
  2. Romantic curtain tiebacks
  3. Curtain holdbacks for kids’ rooms
  4. Curtain tiebacks for a she-shed
  5. Antique curtain tiebacks
  6. Rustic curtain tiebacks
  7. Seasonal curtain tiebacks
  8. Luxurious curtain holdbacks

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1. Modern curtain holdbacks: Magnets attract style

This curtain holdback idea is one of our favorites!

These fun magnetic holdbacks are both stylish and functional. If you open and close your curtains often, these magnetic tiebacks are easy to attach and remove.

Perfect for casual or funky decor, pair these tiebacks with medium-weight fabrics like cotton for best effect.

2. Romantic curtain tiebacks: Necklaces, chains and beads – oh my!

For a romantic or feminine accent, try making tiebacks from old necklaces or chained beads.

These tiebacks are well suited to many types of curtains, from casual sheers to heavy velvet draperies.

If using heavier fabrics, make sure your tiebacks are strong enough to hold them in place.

3. Holdbacks for kids’ rooms: Crowns and cuddlers

If you have a little princess in the making, why not add a tiara as a holdback? You can find tiaras and crowns at toy, party or costume stores.

For kids who love their cuddly toys, try attaching a stuffed animal as a curtain tieback. If you’re feeling ambitious, crochet patterns are available online for other animal styles as well.

Pro-tip: Hang your curtains securely using Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets and holdbacks, which are strong, safe and ideal for kids’ rooms!

4. Holdbacks for a she-shed: Time for tea

Do you have a small kitchen nook, she-shed or study that needs a unique accent? This DIY project walks you through converting any teacup into a clever curtain holdback. 

This look works well with sheer floor-length curtains or shorter cafe curtains made of silk or polyester.

5. Antique curtain holdbacks: Vintage views

If you love antiques, using an old doorknob as a curtain holdback is a great idea. Vintage doorknobs can be found online or in antique shops.

Try pairing this timeless curtain holdback idea with lace or textured linen curtains.

6. Rustic curtain tiebacks: Leather love

Are you going for country or farmhouse vibes? This unique curtain tieback idea is sure to impress!

Adding multiple tiebacks keeps your curtains open wide and adds an eye-catching touch to your windows. This casual western look can accentuate a variety of curtain fabrics, from cotton to corduroy and more.

7. Seasonal curtain tiebacks: Style all year round

Have you ever considered adding seasonal accents to your window treatments? Adding themed tiebacks for spring, summer, fall or winter is a fun way to incorporate seasonal or holiday style into any room.

Seasonal tiebacks can enhance any type of curtain. For formal rooms, use tiebacks made with braided silk or velvet rope. For more casual spaces, use tiebacks made with jute twine or ribbon.

Here are some seasonal ideas for curtain tiebacks all year round.


Talk about flower power! Whether you attach a floral garland, a few individual stems or a small bouquet, using silk or felt flowers as a tieback is a lovely way to invite the freshness of spring into your home.


Ahh, summer. Even if your home is hopelessly landlocked, beach accents create a relaxed summer vibe. Try adding shells or rope (or both) on curtains made of natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Your space is sure to feel like a vacation home!


Autumn colors and accents elicit a cozy fall mood. But don’t get locked into just orange and brown. Adding deep purples, fiery reds or even black can create depth for fall palettes. Try using a cloth napkin to secure natural materials like twigs, pinecones and twigs as curtain tiebacks.


Is the most wonderful time of the year approaching? Use accents like pine cones, silk poinsettias, ornaments or bells to hold back your curtains or drapes. Add a festive touch to your windows and get into the holiday spirit!

8. Luxurious curtain tiebacks: Geode drama

Looking to indulge in luxury?. You’ll love these curtain holdbacks featuring natural geodes and crystals, which add drama for both day and night.

Holdbacks like this are best suited for rich-looking, heavier draperies like velvet, brocade or silk damask.

Ready for Tiebacks? First, Hang Your Curtains!

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