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12 Tips to Decorate Apartment Walls Without Nails

12 Tips to Decorate Apartment Walls Without Nails

If you live in a rental, you likely understand the limitations of decorating your walls.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your home in tons of other ways — without risking your security deposit. Here are 12 ideas for how to decorate apartment walls without nails:

  1. Hang curtains using damage-free brackets
  2. Apply removable vinyl decals
  3. Lean objects against the wall
  4. Use cork boards or grid wire boards
  5. Use wall-safe adhesive strips and hooks
  6. Apply poster putty
  7. Use hook-and-loop fasteners
  8. Decorate with washi tape
  9. Hang ceiling-mounted planters
  10. Mount a frameless photo collage
  11. Use removable wallpaper or backsplash
  12. Make DIY wall art

For more rental decorating ideas, check out our guide.

12 Tips to Decorate Apartment Walls Without Nails

Decorating a home without nails seems like a challenge, but there are many renter-friendly options for any budget. From Command strips to vinyl decals, check out our expert tips for inspiration!

1. Hang Curtains Using Damage-Free Brackets

Window coverings are a must for any living space. Curtains offer privacy and a way to block out the early morning light when you want to sleep in.

To hang curtains in your apartment without nails, try Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets. Kwik-Hang’s simple, budget-friendly solution doesn’t require drills, screws or nails. Once you’re ready to move, just take down the no-drill curtain rod brackets and leave your walls free of any damage!

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2. Apply Removable Vinyl Decals

Removable wall stickers are a great way to add graphic elements to your walls without damage.

Vinyl decals come in many sizes, colors and designs, so they’re suitable for decorating kids’ rooms or setting up an art gallery or photo wall.

3. Lean Objects Against the Wall

If you have empty available, consider leaning a large mirror or canvas against the wall. By leaning something against the wall, you’re free to adjust the piece whenever or wherever you’d like. Check out leaning ladders or leaning wall shelves, ideal for displaying accessories, books or other small items.

4. Use Cork Boards or Grid Wire Boards

Wall decorations like cork boards and grid wire offer both form and function, so that you can hang important reminders, photos and other keepsakes. Plus, you can easily change up your display according to your moods or the seasons.

Grid wire boards are trendy due to their modern look and versatility: hang heavier items or even wind some battery-operated string lights around the frame for a softer look.

5. Use Wall-Safe Adhesive Strips and Hooks

When thinking of decorating apartment walls without nails, removable adhesive is the way to go. Removable adhesive is an affordable and simple way to hang posters and photo collages without damaging your walls.

3M Command is one of the most popular removable adhesive brands, offering mounting options from standard poster strips to stylish hooks for heavier items like coats and backpacks.

6. Apply Poster Putty

You might remember poster putty from your early school days, but they’re also useful for decorating apartment walls without nails. Perfect for lightweight decor like picture frames or small canvases, just attach pieces of putty to the back of your artwork and press onto the wall.

Proceed with caution, as poster putty is designed only for light items. Pro-tip: Poster putty is also great for temporary use, like hanging party decorations!

7. Use Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

If you want to hang heavier items but aren’t sure how to decorate your apartment walls without nails, try hook-and-loop fasteners.

These strips work similarly to Velcro: one half has tiny hooks and the other half has loops. When you press them together, the hooks attach to the loops, creating a strong bond. Hook-and-loop fasteners are best for wall decor like mirrors or heavy photo frames.

8. Decorate With Washi Tape

Available in tons of colors, sizes and patterns, washi tape is an easy way to decorate your walls without nails. Washi tape is easily removable, so you can change the look whenever you want.

Pro-tip: Try using washi tape to create frames around photos for a pop of color.

9. Hang Ceiling-Mounted Planters

If you have an older home with popcorn or textured ceilings, you might be able to get away with hanging decor from your ceiling. 

Plants are a great way to add color and life to your home, and you can change their look with different pots and hanging straps. You can even weave a unique plant hanger out of macrame rope. Just make sure that your planters aren’t too heavy for a ceiling hook.

10. Mount a Frameless Photo Collage

Frameless photo collages are a game-changer for gallery walls. Check out services like We Montage to see what you can do. 

Simply upload your high-quality images to their website and they will create a wall-safe, self-adhesive collage that can be removed and reused whenever you want.

11. Use Removable Wallpaper or Backsplash

If you want to add a pattern or texture to an entire wall, consider removable wallpaper. Although removable wallpaper is more expensive than traditional wallpaper, you’ll have peace of mind during the installation and removal process.

A removable backsplash can transform your kitchen without damaging your walls. Most removable backsplash tiles are made of nonporous vinyl, so you can easily wipe them clean.

12. Make DIY Wall Art

Use lightweight canvases to create one-of-a-kind artwork for your home. You can even organize a craft night with your family and friends so everyone can make some damage-free wall art.

After finishing your masterpiece, use supportive, wall-safe adhesive strips to display it on your wall.

Decorate Apartment Walls Without Nails Using Kwik-Hang

You don’t need to choose between keeping your security deposit and customizing your rental apartment.

With Kwik-Hang’s innovative curtain rod brackets and curtain holdbacks, you can decorate your apartment without worrying about damaging your walls. Say goodbye to unsightly holes in the walls, loose parts and cumbersome tools.

Save your apartment walls and your security deposit and try Kwik-Hang today!

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