Window Decor: How to Choose the Right Curtain Rod Color

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Curtain rods are a subtle player in the world of interior design. They frame a room and add a great finishing touch, but they aren’t given much thought.

Despite their quiet role, curtain rods can make or break a room. They have the unique ability to be stylish and functional. They can be a bold statement or a complementary accent piece.

Choosing the right curtain rod color isn’t an easy feat. Should it match the curtains? Your furniture? The walls? Should your curtain rod color blend in or stand out?

Today we’ll share more details on how to choose the right curtain rod colors, styles, finials and materials so you can find the perfect curtain rod for your room.

How to Choose Your Curtain Rod Color

What color curtain rods should you use? Selecting the right curtain rod for your room depends on the look, feel and style of your room. 

Think about it. A chunky, traditional wooden curtain rod with carved finials would appear garish in a sleek modern living room. Similarly, a shiny, silver rod with crystal accents doesn’t have a place in an eclectic, boho bedroom.

The color of your curtain rod isn’t the only factor. You also need to account for the size, finish and any accents or finials you want to add.


Step 1: Select Your Curtain Rod Size

Before you select your curtain rod color, you need to decide what size curtain rod you’d like.

The size of the curtain rod should align with the style of your room. Most curtain rods should be close to one inch thick. Any smaller (unless you’re layering curtains), and it might look cheap and not hold up over time.

Next, take a look at the furniture in your room. Do you have a thin metal headboard? Or a thick chunky lamp with a large wooden base? Maybe an ottoman with dark wood legs?

Coordinate the size of your curtain rods with your furniture. Thicker, sturdy furniture should have substantial curtain rods and finials.

Check out our guide on how to measure curtain rods for your window.

Step 2: Choose the Color of Your Curtain Rod

Look at the ceiling beams, accent chair, headboard, dresser or lamp in your room. Your curtain rods should coordinate with the other accent pieces.

Kwik-Hang Chelsea Curtain Rods

Here are a few scenarios:

  • White or neutral: If your room is mostly white with little contrast, a white curtain rod will blend in nicely.
  • Bright and contrasting accent colors: Select a color that matches with the rest of your accent décor. If your room is mostly neutrals with dark wood accents, select darker curtain rods that match.
  • Metal light fixtures and grey accents: Try brushed stainless rods to coordinate with the fixtures.
  • Gold tones: Gold tones and accents go great with brass curtain rods.

neutral curtain rod living roomSource: (Note how the curtain rod color coordinates with the look and dimension of the chair legs.)

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re unsure, brushed metal curtain rods are a timeless, classic option.

Make sure you also select the right finish for your lifestyle. Wooden curtain rods can work if you’re looking for a traditional or midcentury modern look.

However, wooden rods need to be turned periodically, so they don’t bow. If you don’t want to do to required upkeep, you may want to go with metal rods.

Step 3: Add Curtain Rod Accents

Curtain finials should match the style of your room and curtain rods. Here are a few of our favorite style combinations:

  • Glamorous: Try sculptured, glass or crystal finials for a luxe, glam style.
  • Midcentury modern: Look for geometric or wooden shaped with brass hardware accents.
  • Traditional: Carved wooden finials are a timeless traditional look.
  • Classic: If you’re undecided, classic cap or ball finials are a timeless, easy choices.

Kwik-Hang Curtain Rods with Finials

Step 4: Consider the Flow of the Room

Considering the flow of the room is a step many people miss in design.

It’s easy to focus on decorating one room at a time. But design is in the details.

Imagine you have an open kitchen and living room plan. One is a midcentury modern design, while the rest of the kitchen and house is traditional. In an open floor plan, having starkly different curtain rods and styles will clash.

While your curtain rods don’t need to be the same, they should at least coordinate if they’re in adjoining rooms. Or, if the spaces are separate enough to allow for different treatments, you can switch it up.

Complete the Look With Kwik-Hang

You’ve invested time carefully selecting the perfect curtain rod color, style and finish to complete your room. The last thing you want to do is waste time hanging curtains and fumbling with loose parts, drills, measurements and wall damage.

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Choose from single or double curtain rod brackets in 5/8″ or 1” widths and a variety of colors to match any of your rods or home decor. Single and double center support brackets are also available for those who have wide windows or need additional reinforcement. 

While you’re adding damage-free brackets to your cart, can also shop Kwik-Hang’s stylish curtain rod collection and score your entire curtain setup at the click of a button! 

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