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How to Measure, Choose and Hang Extra-Long Curtain Rods

How to Measure, Choose and Hang Extra-Long Curtain Rods

Are you worried about hanging extra-long curtain rods? Hanging curtains on large, wide windows can be challenging. Unfortunately, many of us mistakenly buy the wrong curtain rod or the incorrect quantity of curtain rod brackets.

To ease your curtain-hanging duties, here’s everything you need to know about measuring, shopping for and installing very long curtain rods:

How to Measure Your Window for Extra-Long Curtain Rods

First things first: Measure your window to determine what length curtain rod you need.

Use a steel tape measure to precisely determine the width of your windows. You can measure from frame to frame or casing to casing, depending on the style of your window.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to measure for curtain rods with precision and accuracy.

Jot down your window’s measurements, then add 20% or six inches (whichever is most suitable for the room) to account for curtain stack back.

Extra-Long Curtain Rod Sizes

Do you know the difference between a standard rod and an extra-long curtain rod?

Standard drapery rods are generally available in the following size ranges:

  • 28 to 48 inches
  • 48 to 84 inches
  • 66 to 120 inches

Extra-long drapery rods, on the other hand, span greater than 120 inches. Unfortunately, while popular retailers carry 120-inch rods, they are typically less readily available than standard rod sizes.

Therefore, if you have unusual or custom-made windows, it might be difficult to find the right extra-long curtain rod in stores.

How to Choose the Right Extra-Long Curtain Rod

The right curtain rods can elevate the look and feel of your entire home. But with so many choices, how do you decide?

In a nutshell, there are five elements to consider when choosing an extra-long curtain rod: 

  1. Assess your room’s decor or design elements
  2. Select your curtain rod type: Single or double?
  3. Choose your curtain rod material or finish
  4. Pick the perfect color: Match or contrast?
  5. Add the finishing touches: Finials and tiebacks

Read more: How to Choose the Right Curtain Rod for Your Room

How to Install Extra-Long Curtain Rods

The process for installing an extra-long curtain rod is the same as installing a standard-length rod. However, pay attention to your measurements to ensure your drapery rod isn’t sagging in the middle.

Super long curtain rods require extra support due to the combined size and weight of the curtains and the weight of the rod. Therefore, we strongly advise adding a center support bracket every 30 inches across your rod, such as this no-drill, damage-free option from Kwik-Hang:

 Kwik-Hang Double Center Support Bracket, Gold

How to Support an Extra-Long Curtain Rod

Here are a few tips for reinforcing extra-long curtain rods:

  • Use heavy-duty rods and strong mounting hardware, especially if you’re hanging multiple panels or drapes.
  • Add a drywall anchor for reinforcement if you have traditional mounting brackets.
  • Consider using longer screws if you have plaster walls.
  • Ensure you’re using enough center brackets.

If your windows are wider (as many living room windows are), you might find it frustrating to ensure each center support bracket is straight and equidistant. Luckily, Kwik-Hang’s revolutionary curtain rod brackets eliminate the hassle of measuring and leveling.

Kwik-Hang: A Stress-Free Way to Hang Your Extra-Long Curtain Rods

Hanging curtains shouldn’t have to be complicated. But traditional curtain hardware requires you to measure, level, drill and screw – and there’s no guarantee you’ll install it perfectly the first time.

Kwik-Hang’s damage-free brackets require absolutely no measuring or drilling. They take just a few minutes to install, and you’ll achieve perfect curtains every time.

Choose from single, double and center support brackets in a variety of colors. Kwik-Hang brackets are super durable, support up to 20 pounds and work with any size window with trim.

Experience the Kwik-Hang difference and try our damage-free brackets for yourself today!

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