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25 Ideas & Tricks: Christmas Decorating for Small Apartments

25 Ideas & Tricks: Christmas Decorating for Small Apartments

The holidays are in full swing – so if you haven’t already, it’s time to deck the halls. Cue the extravagant mantle displays, 10-foot Christmas trees and garlands galore!

If you live in an apartment, you may be worried that your small space won’t allow for excessive decor  – but it doesn’t need to be over-the-top to have an impact. If you’re having visions of transforming your space into a winter wonderland but still want to move about your space without stubbing your toe on a Christmas tree, we’ve got you covered!

15 Small Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas Approved by Santa

Ready to get in the holiday spirit? Here are 15 must-try ideas for decorating a small apartment for Christmas:

Try a Smaller Christmas Tree

Christmas Decorating for Small Apartments - Try a Smaller Christmas Tree

Chances are you don’t have enough room in your apartment for a full-size Christmas tree – but you don’t need one the size of that in the New York Rockefeller Center to get in the holiday spirit! Once decorated, a small or midsize Christmas tree will dazzle your guests just the same. Also, don’t forget narrow Christmas – more space to rock around it!

Add lights, strings of popcorn and colorful ornaments to give your tree some holiday pizazz.

Hang Lots of Lights

The more light, the better! Adding string lights and light-up holiday decor is the best way to open up your space and create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere.

Learn how to make a DIY curtain lights backdrop that’s perfect for the holidays.

Create a Window Wonderland

Want to decorate your home without taking up valuable floor space? Bring the holiday spirit to your windows! String a garland along your curtain rod, hang ornaments or add paper mache snowflakes to turn your window into a winter wonderland.

Need a little extra support for your holiday window display? Ditch hardware and hang holiday decor from your windows in seconds with Kwik-Hang’s no-drill, damage-free curtain rod brackets!

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Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Bar Cart

That’s right – even your bar cart can get in the holiday spirit! Give it a makeover with some holiday liqueurs, a garland and festive glasses. This is a particularly good idea if you’re hosting a gathering with friends and family.

Opt for Holiday-Themed Throw Pillows

Christmas Decorating for Small Apartments - Opt for Holiday-Themed Pillows

Out with the old and in with the new! This Christmas, swap out your everyday throw pillows with holiday-themed ones. Add a couple to your chairs, couch or bed to create a cozy, cheerful space.

Make a DIY Mantel

No mantel? No problem. Hanging stockings and garlands above a fireplace is a rite of passage during the holiday season – so if you don’t have one, make your own! A “mantel” can be anywhere, from a side table to a floating shelf. The more creative, the better!

Think Outside the House

The outside of your apartment is equally as important as the inside – so don’t forget to dress it up! Add a garland, wreath or festive holiday doormat to your front door to let visitors and passersby know that you’re cheerfully celebrating the holidays.

Hang Mistletoe

Don’t forget to decorate the hard-to-reach places! A bundle of fresh mistletoe is a must-have during the holiday season, and it won’t take up any valuable floor space. Hang it from the ceiling, a doorframe or an archway and get a holiday kiss!

Let it Snow (Indoors)

Christmas Decorating for Small Apartments - Let it Snow (Indoors)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of snuggling up by the fireplace with a warm drink and watching the snow fall – so why not bring the winter wonderland inside? When your apartment lacks width, take advantage of height by hanging card-stock snowflakes! These look great in hallways and above door frames.

Dress Up Your Chairs

In a small apartment, leave nothing undecorated! The back of your dining room chairs or bar stools is prime real estate for holiday decor. Drape a wreath over the back of the chair or tie bows with festive ribbon to create a fun, classy and creative Christmas display.

Light Holiday-Scented Candles

Christmas Decorating for Small Apartments - Light Holiday-Scented Candles

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like a holiday-scented candle! Not only do candles smell fantastic, but the soft glow of a burning candle is reminiscent of the holiday season. Place standalone candles or get creative with gold candleholders on your bar cart, side tables, windowsills and more – the more, the better!

Create a Garland With Christmas Cards

Get creative and save space by creating a Christmas card garland! Putting Christmas cards on display is a great way to show off your loved ones and let them know that you treasure them. String it between kitchen cabinets or over a floor mirror for a personal (yet festive) touch.

Prefer traditional garlands? Find out how to hang a garland without nails!

Arrange a Holiday Centerpiece

Christmas Decorating for Small Apartments - Arrange a Holiday Centerpiece

Chances are you have a little extra room on your kitchen island, dining table or desk – so why not add in a holiday centerpiece? Arrange a winter bouquet full of pine, fir and mistletoe or collect stems of red berries and place them in a white vase.

Spruce Up Your Bed

Your bed probably isn’t the first thing you thought to decorate as you planned your holiday decor, but it’s a perfect opportunity to get festive! Sleep in style with a few decorative throw pillows and blankets or hang a garland or wreath above your headboard.

Give Your Shelves a Holiday Makeover

In a small apartment, your shelves are practically begging to be decorated for the holidays! Push your typical decor aside and give your shelves a holiday makeover with a sprig of pine, miniature Christmas trees or wrapped presents.

More Ideas for Decorating a Small Apartment for Christmas

  1. Make it mini. Bigger isn’t always better! Miniature trees, wreaths or Christmas villages create just as big of an impact.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. If you’re tight on space, make a statement with a non-traditional decor piece (like a pink Christmas tree or a wreath made of blue tinsel).
  3. Double the decor with mirrors. String a garland along a floor mirror or stand your midsize Christmas tree in front of it to create the illusion of a larger, more intensely decorated space.
  4. The brighter, the better. Adding lights and candles instantly makes a room feel more spacious and welcoming, especially during the holiday season.
  5. Swap out everyday decor. Instead of crowding your everyday decor with even more decor, swap it out for something more festive.
  6. Decorate the nooks and crannies. While a big holiday decor display can be impressive, creating one isn’t worth sacrificing your space. Work the decor around your lifestyle, not the other way around. Even ceilings, cabinets and doors can be made festive!
  7. Don’t be afraid to DIY. Let’s face it – it can be difficult to find Christmas decor suitable for a small apartment. If you’re struggling to create a display that works for your space, get crafty and make some decor from scratch!
  8. Stick to a theme. Whether you want an all-white winter wonderland or a completely non-conventional pink-out Christmas, make sure that your decor is cohesive. Too many colors and themes may look chaotic in a small space.
  9. Less is more. A little goes a long way when decorating a small apartment!
  10. Take advantage of height. Floor space isn’t guaranteed, but you can hang decor from a high ceiling! Ornaments, snowflakes and string lights can all be hung.

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Decorate Your Small Apartment for Christmas With Kwik-Hang

Floor space isn’t guaranteed in a small apartment, so you may have to get creative with how you approach holiday decorating.

Leave no space undecorated and create a window wonderland with Kwik-Hang! Kwik-Hang’s simple, easy-to-use curtain hardware is the ultimate option for hanging Christmas curtains, garlands, ornaments and more from your windows. Our strong, sleek curtain rod brackets and holdbacks will support all of your wildest decor dreams.

Just position the brackets to your window trim and tap them into place – voila! Hang curtains and decor right the first time without drills, screws, nails or damage. Try Kwik-Hang today!


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