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Bunk Bed Privacy Curtains in 4 Quick Steps

Bunk Bed Privacy Curtains in 4 Quick Steps

Privacy can be an issue when people share a bunk bed, whether for small kids, teens, college students or overnight guests. While the occupant of a bunk’s top bed has a certain amount of privacy, the bottom bunk does not (if you were in the bottom bunk as a kid, you can relate!).

However, this is an easy fix. Installing bunk bed privacy curtains blocks light and curious eyes while creating a cozy nook or sleeping space. An enclosed lower bunk can feel like a bed canopy or a fort for kids, doing double duty when you’re short on space.

Bunk bed privacy curtains hanged with Kwik-Hang
Bunk bed privacy with Kwik-Hang

In addition, an enclosed space creates a superb study den if you have a loft bed.

Loft bed desk privacy curtains

How to Hang Bunk Bed Privacy Curtains

So how do you hang curtains on a bunk bed? Good news: It’s easier than you think! Check out our four easy steps to create privacy bunk beds in minutes.

Supplies needed:

  • No-drill Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets
  • Curtain rods
  • Curtains
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer

1. Get Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets & Curtain Rods

Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets are a DIYer’s dream come true. Not only are they perfect for framed windows in your home, apartment rentals and dorm rooms, but they are the ideal way to hang bunk bed privacy curtains on a wood-framed bed.

First, purchase a set of Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets. If you want to cover the bottom bunk on more than one side, buy brackets, rods and curtains for each one.

Next, measure the bed frame’s opening to determine the length of your curtain rod, stopping short of any stair opening.

Curtain Solution

Hang Your Bed Bunk Privacy Curtains With Kwik-Hang

No screws. No holes or damage. Up in seconds!


2. Tap Curtain Rod Brackets Into the Bunk Bed Frame

Place your curtain rod brackets into the top bunk’s frame and tap in with a hammer. Then place the curtain rod into the bracket to determine your curtain length.

Kwik-Hang installed on a bunk bed

3. Determine Curtain Size

When sizing your curtains, you must determine length and width.

Curtain Length

How long do you want the curtains to be: to the bed frame or the floor?

  • Curtains to the bottom of the bed frame will hang freely and show a gap under the bed
  • Curtains to the floor will block more light and completely cover the bed when closed

To determine how long your curtains should be, measure the distance from the curtain rod to the floor or bottom of the bed frame, whichever length you prefer.

If going to the floor, decide whether you want the curtains to float, kiss or puddle.

Keep in mind that the curtain type matters. Bunk bed curtains will be opened and closed frequently, so make sure the curtains you choose move freely. We suggest grommet curtains, tab top curtains, tie top curtains or curtains on rings for easy operation.

You can buy ready-made bunk bed curtains online or standard length curtains (usually not more than 63”) and shorten them yourself.

Bunk bed privacy curtains to the floor
Curtains to the floor
Bunk bed privacy curtains to the bed frame
Curtains to the bottom of the bed frame

Curtain Width

If your curtains are exactly the same width as the opening, they will look sparse or stretched rather than “full” and may not block all light. Use these measurements as a guide to get the volume you want:

  • Standard fullness: two times the window width
  • Deluxe fullness: two and a half times the window width

This is the hardest part, we promise!

4. Hang Your Curtains

You’re in the home stretch! Once you’ve made or purchased the perfect curtains, simply thread them through your curtain rod and place the rod into the curtain rod bracket. Voila! Now stand back and admire your handiwork with a cold beverage. You’re all done. Now go enjoy the rest of your weekend!

10 Tips for Making Bunk Beds More Personal & Private

  1. Use wall space for pictures, posters, wall decals or narrow shelves.
  2. Add clip lights to the bed frame for late-night reading.
  3. For maximum sleep potential, consider buying soundproof, blackout or energy-efficient curtains for noise reduction, light reduction and temperature control.
  4. If light reduction isn’t a concern, using sheers or gauzy fabric creates an entirely different look. Adding twinkle lights creates a magical space.
  5. Pushing a bunk bed into a corner automatically creates coverage on two sides. You can create an additional “wall” with bookshelves or drawer units for extra storage. Consider facing a bookshelf inward for easy bed access.
  6. Short on clothing storage? Make an additional closet under a loft bed with clothing rods and curtains to keep your room looking tidy.
  7. If your bottom bunk is a sofa or daybed, add pillows or squishy stuffed animals to make a relaxing refuge from the outside world.
  8. Use curtain holdbacks to keep curtains out of the way when not in use.
  9. Consider your curtain color or pattern as an important decor element in the room. In a kid’s room, fun patterns may be a focal point; whereas in a dorm room or guest room, something neutral like solid navy blue might be more fitting.
  10. Covered loft beds can be a fun play space for kids and toy storage when the curtains are drawn.

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Kwik Hang: Your Source for DIY Decor Hacks

Let’s face it: DIY projects can be a pain, especially when hanging curtains. All the measuring, drilling, leveling and worrying about whether you’ve done it right can take up most of a weekend. But no more! Kwik-Hang’s easy-peasy curtain rod brackets are virtually foolproof, only requiring a few hammer taps to install.

Ready to make your life easier? Try Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets, curtain rods and curtain holdbacks and become a weekend decor warrior.

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