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12 Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas You'll Love


12 Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas You'll Love

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home – but when it comes to decorating, it’s often the most neglected. Switching up your bathroom window treatments is a great way to freshen up your space and give it a finished look while maintaining privacy.

With so many options on the market, choosing a window treatment that suits your style can be overwhelming. In this blog, we’ll outline 12 bathroom curtain ideas that will inspire you to get creative with your decor.

Vinyl/Waterproof Curtains

If you’re looking to avoid dew in your full bathrooms, vinyl or waterproof curtains are a great way to control moisture. There are multiple designs available, so you won’t have to compromise style for practicality.

Cafe Curtains

Wish you could keep your window view while maintaining privacy? Cafe curtains are the perfect option – half coverage, half-open space.

Apron-Length Curtains

It’s hard to go wrong with apron-length curtains! This traditional favorite will work with any windows. Open them up to enjoy the ourdoors or close them to keep the light out.

Full-Length Curtains

In the right bathroom, full-length curtains are an elegant statement that will elevate the look and feel. They’ll also help open up the room and make it appear larger.

If you’re hanging long curtains, remember to add curtain holdbacks for style and ventilation.

Curious to learn more about the different ways you can style your curtains and bathroom window treatments? Check our Curtain Style Guide.

Curtains as bathroom window treatments

Window Film

Static cling window film is available in multiple colors, patterns and sizes, and it can create privacy for any window in your home. From plain film to bright, bold patterns, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Opting for a colorful window film is also a great way to get creative with your decor.

Curtains Over Blinds or Shades

Privacy and window coverage are of utmost importance in bathrooms on the ground floor of a home. If you already have blinds in your downstairs bathroom, adding curtains will soften harsh lines and give you the extra security you need. A pair of sheer curtains can be paired with any type of shades to give your bathroom a light, breezy feel.

Hanging Plants

Add a pop of green to your space by hanging plants from curtain rods! Paired with a macrame plant hanger or DIY shelves, a plant (or plants) will freshen up your space without taking up any extra room. And, the plant will be right next to your window – so you won’t have to worry about it not getting enough sunshine.


Plantation shutters are a classic, sleek choice that will keep things simple. They’re easy to open and close, and they let in natural light without compromising your privacy. Shutters also pair well with decorative curtains.


Valances pair well with bathrooms where you need less privacy. This is great if you have a window that’s facing a beautiful outdoor scene or a window that faces away from neighbors or busy areas.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a classic, durable window treatment that promotes privacy while giving you the option to let light in whenever you choose.

Cellular Shades

Top-down cellular shades let in light (and beautiful views) while ensuring that no one can see in from the outside. They’re easy to raise and lower, and it will keep your bathroom bright.

Mix It Up With Patterns

If your bathroom feels sterile, mix it up with a bright pop of color or a bold pattern. This is also an eye-catching compliment to neutral bathrooms. We recommend chunky stripes, floral print, bright yellows or deep blues.

Energy Efficient Curtains

If you live somewhere where the temperature varies greatly from season to season, energy-efficient curtains might be a good choice. This unique window treatment is made with insulation that helps maintain the temperature of your home. Whether you’re looking to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter, energy-efficient curtains are suitable for every season. They come in a variety of styles, so you can choose one that suits your style needs.

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