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30 Creative Balcony Decor Ideas on a Budget


30 Creative Balcony Decor Ideas on a Budget

Has your balcony become a graveyard for dying plants instead of a dreamy outdoor paradise? If so, you’re not alone – balconies are one of the most frequently neglected spaces of an apartment. However, with a little time and a few extra bucks, you can extend your living space into the great outdoors and transform your balcony into a space you actually want to spend time in.

Ready to ditch the army of dead plants and uplevel your space? Here are 30 creative balcony decor ideas on a budget that will do wonders for any small outdoor space.

How to Decorate Your Balcony on a Budget

Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend any money to transform your space! With some creativity and extra time, you can find unique decor that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home. Here are some balcony decorating ideas on a budget to keep in mind before you start:

Plan Ahead

Before you get started, measure your space and determine your priorities. What do you value most? Whether it’s privacy, purpose, functionality, looks or all of the above, you’ll need a plan of attack prior to decorating. A little planning goes a long way!

It’s also important to take a look at the rules and regulations in your lease. Many leases have certain guidelines on what you can and can’t do in your outdoor space.

Repurpose and Recycle

You’d be surprised by all of the crafty supplies that you can find in the dark and dusty corners of your home! Repurposing old items in your storage, attic or garage is easy on your wallet and saves you a great deal of money. There’s no harm in looking!

Get Crafty

Old decor and furniture are a DIY goldmine. Sewing, repainting and glue will be your best friends throughout the decorating process!

Buy Used

If you’ve scoured the corners of your living space for old decor and can’t find anything that works for you, buying used is a great way to cut your budget in half and find unique statement pieces. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Do you live in a rental? Check these 28 renter-friendly decorating ideas.

30 Balcony Decor Ideas on a Budget

Ready to transform your balcony? Here are 30 apartment balcony ideas on a budget that will help you create a space you love.

Wooden Interlocking Tiles

Changing up your balcony flooring can do wonders for the overall feel of your space. Wooden interlocking tiles are stylish, durable and functional, and they’ll tie together your entire space. They’re also cost-effective and renter-friendly!


Hesitant to use your balcony due to privacy concerns? Add curtains! Curtains are a stylish, subtle way to add privacy to your outdoor space.

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Kwik Hang’s no-drill curtain rod brackets can hold up to 20 pounds, so you can get creative with your curtain hanging without worrying about a complicated and damaging installation process. They’re also renter-friendly, so you can easily switch them out or take them down whenever you’d like.


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Small Vegetable or Herb Garden

A small balcony is a fantastic place to house a miniature garden! Plant vegetables and herbs in small planters or stack them on a shelf to add some fresh foods to your meals and give your balcony a pop of green.

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Green Oasis

Greenery is perhaps the best way to make your space feel fresher. Add a small lemon tree, hanging plants or miniature succulents to open up your space and blend it seamlessly into the outdoors. Whether you want to add one plant or dozens, greenery is a must!

Stylish Planters

Planters are a great way to home your plants and show off your style! From bust planters to old mugs, you can get as creative as you want.

Old boots planters for balcony decor

Romantic Lighting

String lights are a must for any balcony! Choose fairy lights for soft, natural lighting or string LED lights for a unique vibe. They look great hung from the ceiling or wrapped around a handrail – just make sure they’re safe for the outdoors.

Outdoor Rugs

Repurpose your old rug by placing it outside! Even old indoor rugs can work well in covered spaces. If you’re buying a new rug, consider a woven rug or one with a bold pattern.

Outdoor rug to decorate balcony

Wind Chimes

There’s nothing quite as calming as listening to wind chimes blow in the breeze. Hang some from your balcony for a serene tune.

Pallet Daybed

Create your own pallet daybed with old couch cushions and wooden boxes for the ultimate snuggle spot! Use it for outdoor movie nights or cozy conversations with friends.

Cool Light Pendants

Lights shouldn’t just be functional! Spice up your space with a statement light pendant or fixture that will attract family and friends' attention.

Decorate a small balcony with light pendants

Corkboard Photo Wall

Make a DIY photo wall by hanging your favorite photos of friends and family on an old corkboard.

Cozy Blankets

No matter the climate, a cozy blanket is a must in any outdoor space. Use it for warmth in cooler months or toss it over the edge of your outdoor furniture to add dimension to your space.

Throw Pillows

Toss a throw pillow on your outdoor furniture for a pop of color! If you don’t have tall furniture, toss some throw pillows in the corner of your balcony for a cozy seating area to snuggle up in.

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Have an old candle that you never lit? Put it on your balcony! Add them anywhere and everywhere to add extra oomph to your outdoor space.

Candle Lanterns

Pop a candle in an old or woven lantern to add a relaxing element to your balcony. Hang them from the ceiling or place one on the floor or a side table.

Candle lantern on balcony

Pitcher and Cups

Add a pitcher and cups to your balcony during the summer months! Use it to serve cold lemonade or as a decoration to make your space feel more welcoming.

Reading Nook

Create your own reading nook by adding a bookshelf and books!

Balcony reading nook


If you have space for a table, add placemats to make your space look homey. In a small space, add a placemat on top of a stool or side table to place small items and decor on.

Flower Vases

You can’t go wrong with a flower vase. Pair it with fresh flowers in the summer and add fake flowers in the winter.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hangings pair perfectly with greenery and wooden decor. Purchase one for cheap or do it yourself!

Folding Furniture

Folding furniture is a small area’s best friend. It’s usually cheaper than non-foldable furniture, so it’s better for your space and your wallet.

Folding furniture for balcony

Wooden Stools

Wooden stools can serve as seating, side tables or footrests.

Watering Can

Transform your space into a miniature garden with a metal water can! Make it a statement piece by painting a fun, abstract design on it.

Wooden Boxes

A painted old wooden box can serve as a side table or storage.

Old Knick-Knacks

Time to repurpose those old and out-of-place knick-knacks! Quirky, small decorations are in – and they’re a great conversation starter, too.


Hang plants, photos, jars or candles from a wooden ladder to achieve a space-friendly style.


Baskets are a multi-purpose tool that look great in any space! Use them to hold your plants or store books, candles or jars.

Baskets as planters

Glass Jars

Glass jars are a great addition to any space! Fill them with fairy lights, flowers, or dried fruits for a small but stylish adornment.

Floor Cushions

Couch cushions make cozy floor seating! Place them around a side table or stool for a unique outdoor seating area.

Floor cushions for balcony

Tree Branch Hanger

Hang small glass jars or flowers from a tree branch for an outdoorsy, boho feel.

Beautify Your Balcony With Kwik-Hang

Ready to pitch the dead plants and give your balcony a facelift?

Kwik Hang’s no-drill, easy-to-install curtain brackets and curtain holdbacks make it easy to hang outdoor curtains and enhance your outdoor space. They won’t damage your walls, so they’re perfect for rentals – and they’re budget-friendly, too.

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