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5 Curtain Ideas for Bay Windows

5 Curtain Ideas for Bay Windows

Bay windows are popular in home design due to their size, appearance and ability to brighten up rooms. Its panoramic design also provides better outside views. Constructed using standard windows that project outward, bay windows add style and volume to any home.

Finding curtain ideas for bay windows, however, can be tricky. What’s the best way to accentuate the details of a bay window without compromising on its unique features?

This article will provide inspiration on how to find and style the right curtains for bay windows.

How to Hang Bay Window Curtains

When it comes to bay window curtains and treatments, you have two options:

  1. Frame the bay
  2. Frame each window of the bay.

Your decision depends on the size and style of the bay window, and the feeling you want to convey in the room.

Here are three things you need to consider when buying curtains for your bay window:

  1. The size and shape of the bay window, which determines whether you should hang curtains across the bay or hang curtains across each window of the bay
  2. How much light you want to filter into the room
  3. How much privacy you need.

For most bay windows, it’s ideal to hang curtains across each window. For bay windows with bench seating, you can hang curtains across the entire bay to create a cozy hangout.

Bathe your room in morning sun or shut the curtains tight for an afternoon movie. Hanging curtains across the entire bay is the easiest way to enjoy a large bay window (and have some privacy).

Good panel combinations are key to hanging multiple, individual curtains across a bay window. Or, combine café curtains with valances (a popular combination for kitchens). You can also layer roman shades behind thick panels in bright patterns and colors.

No one says choosing curtains is easy. So if you’re short on curtain ideas for your bay window or you’re in need of inspiration, check out these helpful resources:

  1. Pinterest: Simply search “bay window curtains” and curate your favorite curtain inspiration designs.
  2. Google: An image search for “bay windows” offers plenty of inspiration.
  3. Instagram: Search “#baywindows” to get the ideas flowing.

5 Curtain Ideas for Bay Windows

Here are a few of the best curtain ideas for bay windows we’ve found. You’ll find something for every room in the house!

1. Living Room

These floor-to-ceiling panels soften the corners of the bay window and add to the stately appearance of the living room décor. The muted colors and subtle pattern and texture complement the upholstery of the furniture in the room.

2. Kitchen

A simple valance does wonders to make this traditional kitchen look even more inviting while still allowing plenty of light to filter through. Layering shades or curtains behind the valance is an easy way to welcome sunlight while you’re preparing meals.

3. Bathroom

Café curtains are the perfect choice for this bathroom with bay windows. They allow the perfect amount of light with just enough privacy. Plus, they offer optimal ventilation and are easier to maintain than floor-to-ceiling bathroom curtains, which aren’t as ideal.

4. Bedroom

Layering elegant curtains in the bedroom maximizes the benefit of a large bay window. The combination of floor-length panels and roman sheers in this room makes the view even more stunning!

5. Nursery

Nurseries require flexibility. You need to have plenty of light while your baby is awake and total darkness while they sleep.

This nursery does it all with shades for each window of the bay, plus full panel curtain coverage across the bay.

Hang Bay Window Curtains With Ease

Bay windows are a focal feature of your home. You wouldn’t want to compromise on its style and design, so why compromise on the curtain hardware, too?

Skip the annoying nails, screws and measurements that come with traditional curtain hardware and give Kwik-Hang a try instead.

Kwik-Hang curtain rods and brackets make it easy to hang curtains without using additional tools, nails or screws. Their no-drill, no-damage design has turned a time-consuming hassle into a simple and fast installation process.

Just position the brackets to your bay window frame and tap them into place – no precise measurements needed! Kwik-Hang curtain rods and brackets are the easiest, most affordable way to hang your bay window curtains.

Keep your curtain-hanging worries at bay and try Kwik-Hang risk-free today!

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